Manga Mondays: Naruto Volume 3–NO MY BAE. </3

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***

The third volume of Naruto picks up right where volume two left off, with Kakashi telling the Genin of Team 7 that they were going to learn to climb trees without using their hands. They had to just use their chakra and feet. When they start, Naruto falls flat on his back, and Sasuke makes it a little ways up, before having to jump back down. Sakura, on the other hand, makes it up the tree in one try, beating both boys, which very much hurts their pride.

Because she’s ahead of them, Sakura is sent to stay with Tazuna and protect him while Naruto and Sasuke try to get up the trees, and Kakashi continues to heal. Sakura is saddened by how depressing this village is, how poor everyone is, and she hopes they can help, somehow.

Later that night, after dinner, Tazuna tells Team 7 about Inari’s father, the one they used to call a hero in their town. He had rescued Inari from drowning, and quickly was taken into the small family as if he was Inari’s biological father. But because he had brought so much hope to the town, Gato had him executed in the middle of town, as a warning that this is what would happen to anyone that dared to defy him.

The story, though, just gives Naruo the resolve to continue training harder, and he and Sasuke eventually make it to the top of the trees that had been trying to climb up. Naruto is left to rest afterwards, since he had used so much chakra, while Sakura and Sasuke go with Kakashi to the bridge to protect Tazuna.

Naruto wakes up and is upset they left him behind, trying to catch up, but turns back when he notices something. Inari’s mother is taken captive by two of Gato’s hired hands, and Inari tries to rescue her himself before Naruto shows up and gives them a what for. After rescuing them both, Naruto hurries to the bridge, where Zabuza has returned along with Haku.

Sasuke takes up the challenge of battling Haku, matching his speed and becoming faster than him at one point, before Haku uses his own attack and traps Sasuke in a group of ice mirrors, then throws needles at him and leaves numerous cuts on him. Sakura attempts to help by throwing him a kunai, but Haku catches it first. Zabuza has Kakashi trapped in their own battle when Naruto shows up, sneaking into the ice mirrors and being nothing but a burden to Sasuke, unable to help him.

Sasuke, eventually, is able to see all of Haku’s movements, thanks to his awakening of the Sharingan, but it proves little help, as Sasuke has to protect Naruto once again and suffers a wound that seems to kill him. This, obviously, angers Naruto, and the end of this volume shows him with chakra all around, stating he’s going to kill Haku.

I still absolutely adore the first volumes of Naruto! I love seeing these kids as Genin, still so innocent to the world. Getting to see each of the characters interact is amazing fun! They’re all working out friendships while having rivalries and training, and it’s fun!

This volume is pretty heavy in battles during the latter half, and even has some deep storyline to help you understand what the problem is with Inari, why he’s so sad all the time. It really is a depressing story that he has.

The end of this volume shocked me the first time I read it, and saw it in the anime. I was surprised that Sasuke was dead! It hurt me so much back then, but seeing how this turns out in the next volume will help, trust me!

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