Puzzling Saturdays — A puzzle of jelly beans!! Part 1

So, FINALLY, I’m glad to introduce Puzzling Saturdays to the blog!! My mom and I LOVE puzzles, and we almost always get these puzzles at Dollar Tree. Only two of the ones I have shown in the first picture were NOT from Dollar Tree, but my mom has a whole stack of puzzles from there, that I’m going to be doing in the future too!

I hope I can make each of these puzzles last long enough for, maybe, a month’s worth of posts? If not that, at least two weeks!

But, anyway, today, I’m showing you the four that I personally use, and the one that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks!


So these are the four puzzles I own right now. My favorite of these is my Beauty and the Beast one, and I’m really excited to do it all over again! Now, here’s the first one I decided to do!


The jelly beans! I picked this one up for the reason that it looked HARD, and oh boy, it really is tough!!

IMG_20160124_224806 IMG_20160126_172242

At first I thought I had lost a piece to the edge, but then I realized that I just put it in the wrong place, and got it fixed up nice and quick! I made a good bit of progress when I started, and it’s kind of slowed since.


We use those plastic containers to hold our unplaced pieces! This is just a little update I took after a day or two of working on it.


This is the most recent update! This is after about two weeks, I think. All the pieces are laid out, they just need to be properly placed! I’m really hoping I can get this one done soon, so I can move on to one of the ones my mom said I could do from her stack of puzzles!

This update is as of Thursday, 2/11. I really want to get this one done so I can show it off soon!


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