Artful Tuesdays — Thomas Kinkade Beauty and the Beast Cross Stitch Kit, Part 1

So, if you know me offline, you know that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie of all time. The animation is beautiful, the story is wonderful, and the music is amazing. Two years ago, I opened my own Amazon account and put a $100 gift card on there (opened my own account because I didn’t want to spend all of the gift card in one go, which I would’ve had to do if I had used my mom’s account). I made an order on there, and got myself the giant Beauty and the Beast cross stitch kit that is based on the Thomas Kinkade painting. I got it for probably about $30-$40, and it’s currently only $27 on there (much cheaper than Hobby Lobby or Michael’s). I’ll include the link to purchase at the end of this post.

I think this kit is so beautiful, and even though I’ve been stopped with it for the last year or so, I’m back to it and ready to work towards completing it!

This kit is HUGE. It has two front and back pages for the chart, over 80 thread colors, and it’s on 18-count Aida, which means it’s teeny tiny holes in the fabric for the needle to go through. Let me show you the front page of the package so you can see how beautiful this is going to be!


(Mine is crinkly because I’m a terrible person. :I )

Isn’t it just beautiful?? My mom’s idea with these is that they could be used a baby’s nursery, and that is the plan I have for this, when the time comes and I do have children (not married or even dating anyone right now haha). But, right now, this is just for me because it’s my favorite film ever! There are, also, two smaller kits as well, and I’ll link those also.

So, after two years, this is the progress I have to show so far:

IMG_20160213_195535 IMG_20160213_195530

Yeah, it’s not a lot, huh? Well, in my defense, I have been VERY busy the last two years, and this semester appears to be somewhat slower, and easier for me this year. I’m almost done with 1/4 of a page, and that makes me really excited!!

And yes, I know that, generally, you’re supposed to start in the middle of the page when stitching, but I usually choose the top left corner to start. That’s just me though! I just think it’s easier!

So now, I HOPE very much to make this cross stitch kit a weekly or bi-monthly update. I have other kits and patterns I want to do as well, and it’s all just going to have to depend on how things go, but be prepared to see a lot of progress with this kit this year! 🙂

Full sized kit:

Medium sized vignette kit:

Mini sized vignette kit: (This one includes four patterns, with four frames!)

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