A Question about Artful Tuesday

So, based on this week, you guys all saw that my Artful Tuesdays are now including cross stitching alongside coloring pages.

This question, though, is about coloring. Cross stitching it going to be either a weekly or bi-monthly update, I’m not sure just yet what it’s going to be, I haven’t decided, but coloring pages are going to be weekly, they’re staying that way.

Now the question I have is what kind of coloring pages would you guys like to see?

I have TONS I’ve printed off, and there are a lot of mandalas, intricate flowers, and other things. But I don’t know what you guys like, so I don’t know WHAT to post!

I’m almost out of pictures of what I’ve done in my Magic Garden coloring book, but I plan to get more done in it soon. I also have two Vive Le Color books, the butterflies and Japan books, that I’m going to be working through as well (those need fine tipped markers more than they do colored pencils however, and I’m planning to get some more soon).

Well, that’s all I guess. Just let me know what you all would like to see, thanks!


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