Coming Soon to the Blog Is…

Coming very soon to the blog are some very special posts!

First, beginning, hopefully, next month or the beginning of August, will be blind bags and boxes!! I very recently opened my first Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery pack, and I just had such a strong desire after that to do more for my own personal collections (I will probably NOT be completing any collections, unless I have bad luck and don’t get what I want) and for this blog. So, there will be one Tsum Tsum post coming soon, I don’t know when yet, but, after that, I hope to make it either bi-monthly or just monthly, because blind boxes and bags and be expensive!

Second, I took advantage of a deal from JapanCrate for their June Premium box, and will be receiving that very, very soon! They had given a code to get 50% off an Original, Premium, or Doki Doki crate. I ALMOST did the Doki Doki crate, but decided to do the Premium instead, because I very rarely get Japanese snacks and candies anymore, and this month’s box also comes with a Legend of Zelda item! (I also informed two of my friends about the deal and one of them did it lol.) Hopefully, at some point, I can do the Doki Doki crate, because they have some SUPER CUTE things in them, like plushies, but that will have to wait until another deal comes around, most likely.

BUT, anyway, the June Premium JapanCrate should be at my house soon, so when that gets here, we’ll be having either weekly or bi-weekly posts about the snacks! I’ll do a basic rundown of the box once it gets here, including the first pictures (maybe a small video?) right when I open it. I’m doing what I can to ignore ANY spoilers, because JapanCrate Tweeted that some of their customers have already gotten their boxes, but I really want everything to be a surprise, so, yeah. I’m SO excited for this, I still can’t believe I got the box for only $15 and there’s going to be so much in it…

ANYWAY, that’s just a little update for you guys on what’s to come in the future! I’m so excited for both of these, and I hope you guys will be too (especially the JapanCrate because I’ve only had one, and never had the Premium)!


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