Manga Mondays: Assassination Classroom Volume 6

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***

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After a FIVE MONTH hiatus, Assassination Classroom is FINALLY back! I have volume 7 on order to arrive today, and I’ll get 8, 9, and 10 soon as well, so, I’m slowly catching up so we can continue through this series, and I can pre-order again soon!

So, volume six picks up immediately where volume five did, with the students discussing an underwater attack plan on Koro-sensei, with Meg Kataoka as the primary assassin because of her affinity for and speed in water. Ritsu helps Meg practice in the pool, until she gets a text from a “friend” who needs help with studying, and she leaves, acting weird when she does so, causing Nagisa, Kayano, and Koro-sensei to follow, wondering what was up.

This “friend” of hers, Kokona Tagawa, is in need of help with her classes and forces Kataoka to help her, after an incident the previous summer that almost caused Kokona to drown at the beach, by no fault of Kataoka. Koro-sensei, hearing this, launches a plan with Nagisa, Kayano, and Kataoka for that night, and it succeeds in getting Konona off Kataoka’s back, so she can focus on herself and her studies once again.

A little while later, Class E’s pool is destroyed by someone, and the signs point towards Terasaka, Muramatsu, and Yoshida (I believe that’s his name), but Koro-sensei doesn’t worry and fixes it up instantly at his speed of Mach 20. Terasaka, though his friends are excelling and changing with Koro-sensei’s help, is completely against their alien teacher, but it does not appear that the reasons and thoughts are all his own, as Itona and his handler have returned.

The next day, Terasaka challenges Koro-sensei, and forces his classmates to join in at the pool, but this is shown to be a plan by Itona’s handler, with a signal gun being used by Terasaka to blow up the dam for the pool, almost drowning all his classmates, though he was told of this part. Koro-sensei moves quickly to rescue his students, but is quickly weakened by the water because his body soaks up the water, causing him to slow. This leads Itona to come in and start attacking him, and Koro-sensei is busy trying to defend himself and protect the students that are still in trouble, so Terasaka, feeling guilt for what he’s done, tells Karma to come up with a plan and he’ll follow it to the end.

Karma’s plan involves Terasaka taking a hit from Itona. Since Terasaka was wearing the same clothes as the day before, he was still covered in the chemicals he had sprayed in the classroom and dumped into the water of their pool, and it causes Itona to have the same effects as Koro-sensei, especially once the students cover him in water and he ends up with his tentacles having the same problems as well. Itona’s handler decides they need to leave, and everyone is safe in the end, with Terasaka finally acting like he somewhat enjoys being with everyone.

The last three chapters of this volume go over the beginning of the students’ final exam. Koro-sensei gives them a hard to pass up deal: The students that get the highest score in each subject would be allowed to shoot off one of his tentacles each, lowering his speed for a better chance at them killing him.

Of course that makes the students study harder, especially after making a bet with Class A that, which class loses, will have to fulfill whatever request the winning class makes of them. Principal Asano’s son, Gakushu, draws up a contract that Class E would be forced to abide by should they lose, because of his desire to find out what the deal is with Class E. The final exam begins, just barely, in the final chapter, and the volume closes.

New characters are either good or bad with a series, depending on their personalities and their ties to the story and other, usually main, characters. Gakushu is an interesting addition, even though he feels like he’s really just a carbon copy of his father, which I generally tend to dislike in stories.

I really can’t wait to volume seven later today, because I want to see so badly what happens with the final exam and if Class E can pull out a victory over Class A. I really hope they can and do!!


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