Tasty Thursday: Koyo Organic Mushroom Ramen

I went to Sprouts for the first time this past weekend, and got a lot of snacks and food for under $25 because of sales (mostly fruit for work lol), and while my mom, sister, and I were there,  we went through the snacks and prepared food section, and ended up finding packets of organic ramen on sale (I think for $.79?) and I had to pick two of them up because the flavors sounded great and…well, I hadn’t eaten lunch at that point yet. :I


So the first one, which I ate for my lunch after I got home, was the Mushroom flavored one. The directions were like most normal ramens, where you boil the water and put it in for a few minutes, add the flavor packet and there’s your ramen.

Simple enough, and that’s what I did.

20160604_145816 20160604_145823

This is how it looked once it was finished, still hot. It smelled really good, and it didn’t taste too bad either. I didn’t get much of a mushroom taste, however, and it wasn’t very salty like I was expecting. It was still pretty tasty though. So, I would recommend it if you’d like something small for a quick lunch or dinner, but I don’t know if I would buy it again. It was a nice change from the shrimp or beef that I usually eat when I do have ramen (which isn’t very often now).

I have another one of these to try soon, and I’m more excited for that flavor than this one. 😀


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