Special Saturday: JapanCrate June 2016

Last year, I did a review of the JapanCrate Mini that I signed up for and purchased. That one was…not the best, honestly. It was too little for the amount of money it cost, and I wasn’t very impressed with one of the snacks because it was just gross.

This year, though, is different! JapanCrate gave out a code last month to get 50% their Original, Premium, or DokiDoki Crate for June, and I couldn’t pass it up. I had to do it! It had been so long since I’d been able to purchase any Japanese candies, and the deal was too good to pass up! It made the Premium Crate only $15 instead of $30, and, well, I did it. I signed up again and used the code for the June crate, and I have no regrets!

Apparently this month, there was a problem with tracking codes getting emailed out, but it was all right in the end. Everyone (as far as I know) got their codes no problem, and I was very surprised to see on Thursday, the day after I got my code, that my JapanCrate was sitting in front of my mailbox! I had to run to work, so I didn’t get to touch the box until that night, but kept myself away from spoilers and had no idea what in it until I opened the box. I was surprised by all of it, and very impressed!

20160609_174855 20160609_174901 20160609_174957

20160609_175235 20160609_175249 20160609_175255

Look at all the goodies we got this month!! I just realized that the bonus Legend of Zelda item is hidden in the pictures I took, which is great because I show it in detail later in the post. 🙂


So the first item in our box is, of course, the brochure that explains what we have here! It also includes part of the JapanCrate manga, which is kind of cute honestly. The art is very nice, and I think the cover of the brochure is pretty!


All right, the first of our snacks is the Corn Potage Puffs. The brochure describes these as having the flavor of of corn potage soup, which is very popular in Japan. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had something in this flavor, in fact I’m pretty sure I haven’t, so, I can’t wait to taste these. I bet they’ll be delicious!


The second item in this crate if the Super Heart Chiple. These are heart shaped potato chips with the flavor of “yakiniku”, which means “grilled meat”, BBQ. I love American BBQ flavored chips, so, I hope these are good!


The third item I took out of the box was the Nagai Sour Gummy. This is one long piece of gummy candy in a sour orange flavor. I know that, sometimes, Japanese sour candy can be extremely sour, so, I’m hoping this piece of gummy won’t be too sour!


These were on top of the box, and yes, one is a bit melted, but, it’ll be ok! These are the Otona no Amasa Kit Kat. According to our brochure, “Otona no Amasa” means “sweetness for adults”. These Kit Kats are in a dark chocolate flavor, and personally, I love dark chocolate. I can’t wait to try these out! I’ve been wanting to try some Japanese Kit Kats, and now I can!


The fifth item is from the makers of Umaibo; this is the Umai Sittori Choco. These are bite sized chocolate covered puffs, and supposedly some of them come in a heart shape! I’ve always wanted to try Umaibo, and it’s cool to have a product from the company that makes it, especially a sweet one!


You guys have no idea how excited I was when I looked at the brochure and saw there was an Umaibo in this month’s crate! I’ve never had Umaibo, and I’m so excited to try this one! This is the Tonkatsu Sauce flavored Umaibo! Tonkatsu is a fried pork cutlet and it’s served with cabbage and a sauce on top. I’ve yet to try Tonkatsu, and I really want to, so, this will be a step in that direction!


The next item in the box was the Puricchu Red Budou. These are hard candies with a gummy center, and they come in a red grape flavor! I think these are going to be really good, and fun to try!


The eighth snack in the box is the Choco Shinamikonja Imashita, which apparently means “to be soaked in chocolate”. Anything chocolate is great to me, and these look like they might be like a crispy chocolate treat! Can’t wait to munch on them!


Number nine is the Tsugaru Apple Sakeru Gummy candy! This one is an apple flavored gummy candy that you can peel apart kind of like string cheese! This package comes with seven piece, so, you can share with your friends and family!


Our tenth item is the Cola Dinosaur Gummy. Exactly as the name says, it’s a dinosaur shaped gummy in cola flavor. I’m not too sure about cola flavored candy, but, I can’t wait to try these. I hope they’re good!


This strange little item is the Maple Butter Beer Fue Ramune! The brochure says this candy has the texture of American Smarties, but that it dissolves quickly and has a buttery taste to it. I’ve never had butter beer (or… beer in general for that matter…) so, I don’t know how this is going to taste, but I guess it’ll be a unique experience…?


The twelfth snack is the Matcha Condensed Milk Candy! These are hard candies with a matcha flavored coating, and condensed milk on the inside! I’ve always wanted to try matcha flavored candy, because it always sounded good to me (might have to make that a special Tasty Thursday theme after I order some!) and I’ve been curious about the flavor, so, this is a good place to start!


Here we have the drink that was included this month, the Aomori Apple Soda. Aomori is very famous for their apples (that’s where Fuji apples from!), so I can only imagine how delicious this little can of soda is!


Our DIY kit for this crate, which I will complete in detail at a later time, is the Okashina Salon DIY Kit. This kit has several pieces to it, and it’s way too much to explain right here right now. But, the gist of it is, this is a little two piece character that you can style her hair by using the candy in the box. I’m gonna really have to clear my desk before I try this one!

20160609_181902 20160609_181949

20160609_182011 20160609_182018

Finally, our bonus item! I was excited when I heard it was Legend of Zelda themed, and I figured it would be a little blind box figurine or a loose figure, but I didn’t expect it to be a lanyard!! I have a Hetalia one right now, and I was wanting to get a new one, so this is perfect for me! I’ve never gotten to play Skyword Sword, but this lanyard looks awesome! It seems really sturdy too! I’m gonna have to put my pepper spray on it and carry next semester!


So, there we have it! Quite a long post for me, but that was this month’s JapanCrate! If they ever do a deal like this again, I might to take it right away, probably for the DokiDoki crate next time, though!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know down below if you’ve had any of these candies, what you think of our DIY kit and bonus item, and which of these treats you’d like to taste test first!


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