YumeTwins July 2016 Box

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

I’ve been following and watching DokiDoki Crate on Twitter for a while now, and I always wanted to try it but it was just too much to pay for me. So, when YumeTwins, from TokyoTreat, released and offered a 40% off coupon code, how could I refuse? When I learned that their July box would be Sanrio themed, meaning Hello Kitty for sure, I got so excited! I love Hello Kitty! Even at almost 23 I absolutely adore the little white kitten!

YumeTwins is a subscription box of kawaii/cute themed items, every one of them authentic Japanese merchandise, as the company is based in Japan and each item comes straight from the beautiful country.

I was really excited when I finally got my box about two weeks ago! I asked my mom every day if it showed up at the house, and it finally did on the 22nd! I love the pastel purple color of the box, and the items inside did not disappoint!

20160723_172145 20160723_172155 20160723_172201 20160723_172213

Of course, the box starts off with the pamphlet that tells you about each item, and even has a little bit of information about Harajulu culture in this one, as that’s the sub theme for this box and the theme of their contest that was running as well.


The first item I pulled from my box was this ADORABLE Helloy Kitty nametag keychain! This is just like the one you would find at a gas station in the US where they would have various keychains with names on them (i only have two with my name spelled correctly lol). My little Hello Kitty has the name “Yuuka-chan” on it, and I think she’s so adorable. She’s very soft and plush, and the apple with the name on it is a hard plastic sewn to her hands.

The other option for this keychain would have been of MyMelody, and would have featured a unique Japanese name as well.


The next item on top was the Shinada Baby Poodle plushie. I haven’t heard of these plushies before, but it seems they’re pretty popular, which leads me to believe it’s hard to find legitimate plushes of these guys in the US and other countries (without importing). If you got this box, you had a chance at getting either black, white, or pink for these poodles, and I ended up with the pink one (no complaints because I love pink). She’s super soft and squishy, and she sits on my desk next to my laptop now.


Next is the Hello Kitty Randoseru Charm. This little charm is shaped like a backpack, and it comes in a bendable plastic. It can be used to store coins or small items, then hang of your backpack or purse so it’s close by if you need whatever is in it. There were two styles you could have received, and this is the one that I ended up getting. I think it’s super cute, but the top doesn’t close very well, so, for now it’s hanging off a tack on my wall.


The next two items were the Harajuku Kawaii Bracelet and Princess Tiara. I’m not very impressed this these two items, as they look like things I could buy at Dollar Tree pretty easily. They are cute and the packaging on the tiara is nice, but the bracelet is a bit small for me and I don’t wear hair pieces. These two items will probably sit on my desk, and one day in storage until I have a daughter who can play with and appreciate them.


This item is way too cool! This is the My Melody Memo Pad. This pad isn’t made of paper. It’s made of a kind of rubbery material. A YouTuber I follow likened it to the texture of an eraser. This pad is amazing in that you can write on it with a pen, then use the little pink heart piece and it will erase what you’ve written! Be careful with the pen you use though!! The eraser may not erase everything!

This item came in a My Melody and Hello Kitty style. You would get one at random.


Next to last item! These are the My Melody socks! These are SO CUTE. I was originally hoping for Hello Kitty, because I don’t know much about My Melody, but I am so in love with these socks! They are so comfy and cute! I can’t bring myself to wear them out of my house yet!

For this item, you could have received one of six designs, with the characters of My Melody, Hello Kitty, or Twin Stars.


The final item in this box was this Hello Kitty pouch! This is a drawstring pouch that hold various items, and it’s super cute and well made! If I were to use this in my day to day life, I’d use it was a make up bag and carry my make up to work and class in it!

This item came in one of four styles, two Hello Kitty and two My Melody.


So there we are! My first, and for now only, YumeTwins box! I’m very happy with everything that was in it, mine the tiara and bracelet. I really love the fact that we got two plushies in the box, and the amount of Hello Kitty I received! I highly recommend you try out this box some time!

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