Tasty Thursdays: June 2016 NatureBox

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

Today, finally, is the review and showing of my June NatureBox! I haven’t had a NatureBox since early last year, but when I was looking at their website they offered to give me two boxes half off if I restarted a subscription. Since I am working part time and making a good bit of money from it, I went ahead and got the two boxes!

If you don’t know what NatureBox is, it’s a subscription company that provides you with healthy snacks in resealable bags or single serve bags. Unlike other subscription boxes, NatureBox allows you to put the snacks you want to try in our pantry, and they will send you exactly what you want, instead of a random group of snacks that leaves you guessing about what you might be getting.

Because they also have a referral program going on, I will share my referral link at the bottom of the post. If you would like to try NatureBox without spending $20 for five bags of snacks, you can use my link to get a box for free, and only pay $5 in shipping. You’ll also help me in the end, because when you sign up with my link, I’ll get a $20 credit and be able to bring more boxes to you guys!

This was the first one, and I was pretty happy with the snacks I got!

20160628_235621 20160628_235632 20160628_235644

(My cat wanted to be in the picture haha.)

So I got some bagged snacks in this box, and I even got to try out one of their new “meal” snacks in this box because I was really interested in and it sounded good to me!


The first item is the Parmesan Garlic Pop Pops. These are half popped popcorn kernals with the flavor of parmesan and garlic. These were SUPER good, a lot better than I expected them to be! They didn’t leave a weird, garlic taste or scent to my breath, which is great, and I really enjoyed having these as a snack for work!


The second snack is the Praline Pumpkin Seeds. These were an accident because I was messing with my pantry on NatureBox, trying to decide what I wanted to get, and they went ahead and built my box before I was ready. :/ But anyway, I ended up not really liking these in the end. There was WAY too much pumpkin spice flavor in the end, and I didn’t like how much spice there was. Just a personal taste thing, I guess.


Third is the Toasted Sesame Stix. These were really good! I have a huge love for sesame sicks, and I really liked that these were a delicious, toasted flavor. They didn’t make me feel I needed anything else afterwards, and they were a really good, simple snack for work!


The fourth snack I got was the South Pacific Plantain chips. OK, so, in the Spring semester of 2015, I took Spanish for the third time, and one of the student brought in fired plantains as a snack to share, and they were so good! These chips reminded me of those, somewhat. These were salty and delicious, and are a great alternative to potato chips! I’m not sure how much longer NatureBox will have these, as they appear to be a limited time snack.


The final snack (or, well, meal I guess?) that I decided on was the Quinoa and Couscous with Summer Vegetables. Personally, I love both quinoa and couscous, and I thought this sounded like something easy I could take and heat up at work. All you do is add some water and put it in the microwave, like the mac&cheese cups. While I did like the flavor and that it was easy to make, my first one ended up way too watery for me, almost like the fill line is a bit too much water, I don’t know. I still have one more, I haven’t eaten it yet, so, I’ll try with less water next time and see how it works. If there’s still too much water, I’ll try draining it out.

So there you have it, my June 2016 NatureBox! I really love having these kinds of snacks with me when I’m working or have class, because it helps keep me away from the vending machine and the over priced convenience stores on campus.

Referral link: http://fbuy.me/d1ivB

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