Tasty Thursdays: July 2016 NatureBox

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

Here is the review of the second NatureBox I received this summer! I will give the same description and explanation of NatureBox as last time, so let’s get on with the review!!

If you don’t know what NatureBox is, it’s a subscription company that provides you with healthy snacks in resealable bags or single serve bags. Unlike other subscription boxes, NatureBox allows you to put the snacks you want to try in our pantry, and they will send you exactly what you want, instead of a random group of snacks that leaves you guessing about what you might be getting.

Because they also have a referral program going on, I will share my referral link at the bottom of the post. If you would like to try NatureBox without spending $20 for five bags of snacks, you can use my link to get a box for free, and only pay $5 in shipping. You’ll also help me in the end, because when you sign up with my link, I’ll get a $20 credit and be able to bring more boxes to you guys!

With that, let us continue on and discuss what I got in my box this time!

20160723_172020 20160723_172032

Fair warning: This box is more sweet based than the last one, only one item (technically two) being savory. I wanted to get some sweets for work so I wasn’t buying candy at the store, which would save me money and calories!

(And yes, I did taste almost all of the bagged snacks before I took pictures. :] I had to make sure they were good!!)


The first item in this box was the Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites. I LOVED these from first smell!! They smelled so good and sweet, but not overly sweet and the chocolate taste was perfect! These are supposed to be like 8 cookies a serving, but I took that down to 5 when I put them into snack bags to take to work.


Next are the Lemon Tea Biscuits. I’ve wanted these since last year when I had my first box, and I’m really glad I got them this time! They’re slightly chewy and have just a small lemon taste, but it’s so good! I’m really glad I got these! The serving size on these is 12 biscuits a serving (they are TINY), but I cut that down by about half I believe, in order to get more out of the bag.


The third snack was the Vanilla Bean Wafers! These little wafers are so good, I just finished off a snack bag of them while writing this lol. They’re small and cruchy, but not too crunchy at all. You can even see the little black specks of vanilla bean in them! These wafers are 11 per serving, and I cut that down once again to get more from the bag and have a light sweet snack at work.


Now we have the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH. They’re like an extra chewy, dark chocolate brownie bite!! I shared one with my mom and she thought they were delicious too! The serving is supposed to be two at a time, but I put one in each snack bag to make them last, and because they’re rather rich!


The next snack is the Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars! These are a big Fig Newton, and I really like them! They’re individually wrapped, this is great because I can easily throw them in my lunch bag for a quick morning snack at work or before class!


Finally, I decided to put this into my pantry as an add-on, so it cost me an extra $3, but I think it was worth it! This is the Mac & Cheese with Veggies! This one is pretty good I think. Again, as with the quinoa and couscous I had, I believe the fill line is a little high, and that makes it a little more wet and soupy than it should be, but the cheese sauce is really delicious and the veggies mixed it are great! I bet these would be even more delicious with extra veggies and maybe some ham!

So that’s the last NatureBox I have for now. 😦 If I get a good deal or someone uses my referral link, I’ll definitely do an add-on snack to make it an even six, and next time I think I’ll get three savory and three sweet snacks!

Referral link: http://fbuy.me/d1ivB


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