Tasty Thursday: Glico Pejoy Matcha

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

Back when I got the June JapanCrate, it came with a matcha hard candy that I, personally, really loved! It was the first matcha candy I’d ever had, and I really liked the flavor! I’ve been extremely tempted before at Starbucks to try the Matcha Frappuccino, but I haven’t been brave enough quite yet.

After trying this snack, I just might have to, especially after being gifted a $10 Starbucks gift card!

This is the Pejoy Matcha. It’s an inside out pocky, the bread stick on the outside, with the matcha cream filling on the inside. Matcha has a very earthy taste to it, in my opinion and what my taste buds tell me. The bread stick is crunchy and the cream in the middle is smooth and delicious. I really love it! I was scared to try it because I didn’t want to hate it, but I liked it a lot! I highly recommend this if you’re a fan of matcha itself, or matcha flavored treats!

20160903_201843 20160903_201917

20160903_202611 20160903_202628


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