Fandom Fridays: Hot Topic Hot Cash Haul

Today is a brand new kind of post! It’s the first “haul” post I’ve done on here in a while, and I want to keep it consist, at least once a month!

So recently I made my very first order with Hot Topic, and because of the price I paid I got $15 off $30 Hot Cash and got to use it last week! I was able to get 4 items I’ve been wanting, and I’m going to show them off one by one. One item will be reviewed much better later on.

20160921_184920 20160921_184937

So I got a small box because I ordered mostly small things, haha.


The first item to come out of this box is the Harry Potter Hufflepuff cord bracelet! I took the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz earlier this year and was sorted into Hufflepuff! I really like this bracelet after wearing it just one day, haha! It fits well, and the cord to tighten it feels like it’s strong! There are similar bracelets for the other houses as well on Hot Topic’s website, and most likely in store.


The second item are the Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Rose earrings! Beauty and the Beast is my absolutely FAVORITE movie EVER, and I had to have these (I fully intend on purchasing the locket that matches at some point)! Unfortunately, mine arrived damaged, so, I am having them exchanged. I won’t be able to wear them until they get here, but this works to show you guys how they look. 🙂


Third is the Piplup plush backpack hanger! I’m obsessed with all things Pokemon and penguins. At first, though, I had planned to get the Bulbasaur backpack hanger, but he sold out before I got my Hot Cash code. 😦 But, you know, I love Piplup too! And I wanted to get a Pokemon item I could have with me on campus easily, and this little guy worked! He hangs off my backpack now and looks adorable!


Finally, what I’ve been waiting to get since last December, the Sasuke Uchiha Funko Pop! I am so happy he was available on the Hot Topic website, because my other option was Amazon and I didn’t mind either way, but since I had Hot Cash, the better option was Hot Topic! I’ll be giving a full review of this guy soon, but it might not be until November (in fact, I might make November Vinyl Figure month, as I have one on the way, and two more that I haven’t reviewed).


So, yeah. That’s everything I got for about $27, after Hot Cash! 🙂 I fully intend to continue shopping on the Hot Topic website, as I don’t go to the mall very often (haven’t been since I saw the Boruto movie on my own last December), and this is a great way to get the things I want. 🙂 I’ll probably buy more clothes and take pictures wearing them, as I do have a mirror in my room now that I can do that with, and will definitely be getting more Hufflepuff, Funko, and Beauty and the Beast items!


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