Walmart Clothing Haul

Hey guys! I’ve got a quick Walmart clothing haul here! I’ve been working on updating my wardrobe and getting some more clothes so I’m not just going through the same five shirts every week for classes lol.

I did, also, buy a Funko Pop with the clothes I ordered, but that will be reviewed in November with a couple of other Funko Pops. šŸ™‚ So for now, let’s just go through my new clothes!


Apparently I’ve come to really love pretty, feminine tops for class and work hehe. Must be because I have so many t-shirts I needed something pretty and nice to wear. šŸ™‚


The first item I bought, actually, was a brand new jacket for the fall. It’s a Just My Size Women’s fleece jacket. I bought it in black because I have a bunch of colored shirts already, so, this is great to match with anything!


This is another Just My Size item, and I was originally going to purchase a women’s work suit because of certain reasons, but that sold out, and I was going to wear it with this, that was my plan. But, I still decided to buy this even though I couldn’t get the suit at the time. I’ll get it another day!


This is a button down tank top with a crocheted bottom. It looks so pretty and I love how it fits! I love the orange color too!

20160927_224851 20160927_224900

This is another button down shirt I found and really liked. I loved the sage color, and the lace is so pretty! It feels so nice, and I can’t wait to wear it to class and work!


This last one is a t-shirt, kind of? It has a flowy bottom to it, and two pockets on the front! It’s super comfy and I love the color!

So, yeah. That’s a short little post, but, I wanted to show you guys my new shirts, if ever you see a picture on my Instagram and I’m wearing one of these, lol! I really want to post there more, but I hate taking selfies haha.

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  1. All the ame
    Oct 01, 2016 @ 06:23:28

    Awesome haul, the sage coloured button down shirt in particular is super pretty. So unique and I agree, the lace is lovely. Great find! ^__^



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