Thriftbooks September Haul

Here we have a small haul of books I purchased from Thriftbooks! Thriftbooks is an awesome website, that is one of Amazon’s websites, where you can buy used books for REALLY cheap! The best thing is, if you live in the US, you only have to spend $10 to get free shipping, and for everyone, every $50 you spend, you get a $5 credit off your next purchase!

And if you use my referral link, you’ll get 15% off your first order, and help me as well!

Referral link: 15% off!

Now let’s get to the books I purchased this time around!


I got six books this time, which is about normal for me because I don’t like to spend tons of money just on books, haha. This order was $25.25, and I’m really impressed with what I was able to find and purchase!

20160927_190414 20160927_190428

20160927_190440 20160927_190453 20160927_190500

The first book I got was the Uzumaki Naruto artbook. This book is filled with large scale images of various Naruto chapter opening images and volume covers. It goes through the first 27 books, and everything is so beautiful. It also has an interview with the author, Masashi Kishimoto, which is in Japanese! I didn’t think this was really the Japanese version, but it is! I was so surprised, and it’s great because I can actually read Hiaragana and a bit of Katakana! I can practice reading with this book!

20160927_190625 20160927_190631

The next book I purchased was the first volume of Bleach. Yes, I know Bleach just ended in Shonen Jump, but I’ve never read it and I became very interested in it after watching a few episodes on Netflix. Despite this being a used book, it is in PERFECT condition. It looks like it’s brand new and I love that, because I try to be very careful with my manga!

20160927_190638 20160927_190644 20160927_190656 20160927_190702

I have to put these two together because of what they are. Volumes 26 and 27 of Naruto, the ending of the first part of the story (I can’t really call it half when the series spanned 73 volumes [including the spin-off about sarada uchiha]). I love this series, it’s definitely my favorite manga, and now that I’ve bought these two volumes, I’m only missing THREE from the first part, and I really hope I can get those as a 3-in-1 either for my birthday or Christmas this year. Then I’ll just be missing some from the next part of the series! (I’ll need to do a post about that once I have everything!)

20160927_190710 20160927_190721

The next book is Ophelia by Lisa Klein. I read this book a long, LONG time ago, when I was in ninth grade I believe, and I DEVOURED it, I read through it so fast. I fell in love with the story. The story is about Ophelia from the Shakespeare play Hamlet. It’s told from her point of view and details before the play, her falling in love with Hamlet, the events of the play, and afterwards. It’s so beautiful, I love it so much. I highly suggest it. I can’t wait to read it again.

20160927_190907 20160927_190913

Finally, I got the Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version Official Strategy Guide! The Fifth Generation of Pokemon is my second favorite Pokemon generation, and being able to find this in such great condition for only about $4 was so great! I’ll be using this as I do my Nuzlocke on my Instagram (which I need to get back to), especially so I can see what Pokemon are around me (it’s been a while since I played through White, lol)!

Well, that’s this Thriftbooks haul! I hope to have another soon. I have a $5 credit, and I’ll be getting some kind of discount on my birthday I believe (should have a Hot Topic haul around that time because of a birthday gift from them as well). I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and hope you’ll take advantage of Thriftbooks!


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