I have subscribed to Umai Crate!

So, I was going to keep this a secret until it got here later this month, but I couldn’t, I’m too excited. (Plus I just got over having strep throat and I’m feeling a lot better about various things. :D)

I made the decision to subscribe to Umai Crate! This is one of the crates that is provided by JapanCrate, but this one does not include snacks. This is a crate all about ramen and noodles! Yes, I’m super excited. I love ramen, but I’ve only had the little cheapy packets from the grocery store, and the Maruchan Yakisoba bowls (which are tasty).

Anyway, the crate has either 7 or 8 packets/bowls/cups of Japan exclusive ramen, and even comes with a practical little bonus item, like a bowl, chopsticks, or something along those lines. So the whole thing makes me super excited, and the price does too (it’s only $25, as opposed to the $30 for their other three crates).

I can, if I decide to, stay with this crate. Currently, the only bills I have to pay for my sister for gas since she drives to campus, and my parents for my phone bill (on a family plan). An extra $25 a month for yummy ramen, and I don’t even have to go to the store or clip coupons for the really good stuff?? Sign. Me. Up. (I do have a tuition bill I will need to pay over the next couple of months, so, I have to be careful with my spending anyway).

So, yeah, that’s coming sometime this month! 🙂 I don’t have a real idea of when, because JapanCrate has moved their office to Japan, and there won’t be tracking numbers anymore, but they are working with a reliable mail carrier over there to make sure we all get our crates.

One other thing I wanted to ask about: Would you all be interested in seeing what I do with the ramen packets? I mean, if there’s cup ramen in there (i know one that’s coming and i’m so freaking excited for it) I’ll just eat and review it. But with packets, I want to try some recipes I’ve found on Pinterest on elevating ramen packets, like making them more nutritional and having some protein in them (because, though i love them, they’re usually a lot of salt yeah lol).

Well, yeah, that’s all I had for that. 😀 Please be on the look out for my Umai Crate review and reviews of the ramen I get! 🙂



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