Christmas 2017 Gifts

This is weeks late, but I’ve been very busy lately and wanted to get this posted since I’ve done it the last few years, so, sorry for being super late, but here’s everything I received for Christmas 2017!


Well there’s everything! I didn’t get a lot, but that’s perfectly ok. I got some very nice things and I’m very thankful just to be thought of and be given something that someone thought I would enjoy or they knew I needed. 🙂

I’ll just list a few things real quick~

I was given penguin socks a journal by one of my sisters, another one gave us a family gift so we got a couple of movies and some homemade Muddy Buddies (which we call Puppy Chow), and my youngest sister gave me a folding fan and the art that says “throw kindness around like confetti”. I also received a new copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.5, because my original one wasn’t working properly, Colton Dixon’s “Identity” album, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD/BluRay. And from one of my best friends I got a Mimikyu plushie from the Pokemon Center website. 🙂

And then I got a bunch of candy and some smaller items that you can see in the image. 🙂

Again this is pretty late, but I ope everyone had a great Chritmas and I’ll be back to posting more often soon!

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