It’s been a while since I posted, but, hello readers! I’ve been very busy this semester with school and life, and my current obsession with My Hero Academia (a post or two or twelve about this is coming eventually!) but I wanted to give a quick update!

Naruto read through: I decided early on this year to take a massive break from Naruto, and I haven’t read or watched any for a while. I WILL return to the read through posts this summer, and we WILL have a proper conclusion to this read through that’s been going on for years now.

JapanCrate: I’m still subbed to JapanCrate! I will be getting the April box and will make a post about it. I do not intend to go back and bs my way through the January and February crates, and I had to skip March because of money issues.

Cross stitch: I just made some patterns for my top three My Hero Academia characters, so I’ll hopefully be starting those soon. I’m also still working on my giant Beauty and the Beast kit and then smaller The Lion King kit that I have. I hope to be making posts on all of these as I go.

My Hero Academia: I severely want to do a read through review series about MHA. I just love the series so much and I’m caught up on the official English release! I just got vol. 12 the other day on my Kindle Fire, and I’m loving it so much. Since the third season is starting tomorrow (!!!!), I’ll be watching that as the episodes release each week, and possibly be live tweeting through the episodes!

I don’t have much else to report on today, but I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect in the coming weeks, especially over the summer!!

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