RightStuf and FUNimation Online Shop Orders

Hey there guys!

Today I’ve got a quick post about the recent anime orders I made from RightStuf and FUNimation! I had a bit of trouble with FUNimation, because I ordered one item and was sent the incorrect one TWICE, but I’ll explain that later!

So let me start with the RightStuf order, because that one was correct from the start and very important to me.


So the RightStuf order is the first one I’ve ever made with them, and I was very impressed with it. I ordered the Boruto -Naruto the Movie- DVD and the first volume of the Boruto manga. I decided to order from here because of the bonus art postcard you could get one of three of, and I ended up getting the one I wanted of Sarada and Sasuke! 🙂 I’ve very happy with those this order arrived and that everything was in great condition. The postcard is now safely tucked away in the movie DVD case, haha.

Funimation Anime

Now for the FUNimation order…I was less than impressed with this one. My original order consisted of two Tsubasa DVD sets, and the first season of Kamisama Kiss Blu-Ray/DVD set. Instead of getting Kamisama Kiss, I surprisingly got the Fractale set, which I did not order. So I got into contact with FUNimation and they said they would send a replacement, which they did, but it ended up being ANOTHER copy of Fractale. One more email, with all my pictures to prove I ordered Kamisama Kiss, not Fractale, and that something had to be amiss in their warehouse, and I FINALLY received Kamisama Kiss about two weeks ago. (And yes, I purposefully left the SAVE edition sides of the covers out. I don’t mind it and the SAVE editions are fairly cheap haha.)

I was allowed to keep Fractale, so, that’s good I guess. The point here, if you get sent the wrong item from any place, get into contact with them immediately, don’t just reorder it. Usually the company will be glad to help and fix it, and I’m glad that FUNimation fixed it.

The items themselves were in perfect condition. I’ve been watching Kamisama Kiss and very much enjoying it! I’ll definitely try out Fractale sometime this summer, and will get around to watching my Tsubasa sets as well. Tsubasa is a very good anime, and I absolutely adore the series, and the OVAs I purchased, I love Tokyo Revelations and I can’t wait to watch Spring Thunder for the first time!

So yeah, that’s everything from these orders! I hope I can review each of these over the summer, and make a decision on if I like Fractale or not. So please be looking out for those! 🙂


Fandom Friday: Anime Plushies Collection

Today’s Fandom Friday is a one picture post of my anime plushies I have! I only have these five right now, but I’ll explain the others I want to get at some point too!


These are my plushies that hang over my desk where I do all my college course work, and my blog posts!
The very first one of these I got, actually, is the Hunny-senpai on of the far right! I received him from my parents for my sixteenth or seventeenth birthday (I can’t remember which it was). He was a cute little surprise and I love him! His hood can be moved off his head, but not taken off the plush body.
The second one I got was actually the Shippuden Sasuke plush. I bought him when I was eighteen and at A-kon in 2012, because I had told myself that the next time I went to a convention, I would buy a Sasuke plushie, and I did! He’s been with me ever since and I still love him to this day!
The third was my pre-Shippuden Sakura plushie! She’s not the exact one I wanted, but I had gift card that I could buy her with. She’s a lot smaller than Sasuke, but that’s OK. They’re still super cute together. 🙂 (My OTP, LOL.)
Next is my Shippuden Naruto plush! I bought him for myself in 2014 and I just love him! The colors on him are nice and bright, and he looks awesome!
Finally I have the Pikachu wreath that the Pokemon Company gave me as a gift! I’ve already reviewed about two weeks ago!
So that’s everyone I have right now! 🙂
The ones I’d like to get are:
Pre-Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki
Pre-Shippuden Sasuke Uchiha
Shippuden Sakura Haruno
Itachi Uchiha
Tamaki Suoh
Hinata Hyuuga
Kaoru Hitachiin

I’m still trying to find each of these at low prices, but I’m taking my time because there’s really no rush. 🙂

Watchful Wednesdays: Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 1 Review

***FUNimation did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

The story opens with a in the forest pick medicinal herbs. She finds the perfect one she needs, and starts back to her home, taking a moment to look over it and think about the story she was writing for herself.

This girl is Shirayuki, and she is a very popular herbalist in the place of Tanburan. She’s also famous for her strangely colored red hair, which she’s told makes her look beautiful, even though it seems she thinks her hair is strange.

There’s also a prince at that moment, asking one of his men if he found the perfect girl to be his concubine, and the girl just so happens to be Shirayuki! When she’s called to be at the palace the next morning, she spends the night putting together enough medicine for those that need it, before cutting off her hair, leaving it short, and running away before Prince Raji’s men can come and get her.

Shirayuki stops near an empty house to rest, and the next morning is woken up when a boy with white hair jumps over a wall, being distracted by her and falling on his face, injuring his arm. His two friends show up a moment later, and introductions are made after Shirayuki shows that the medicine she tries to give him for his injury is not poisoned at all.

The white haired boy introduces himself as Zen, and the three of them (Zen and his friends Mitsuhide and Kiki) take Shirayuki with them back to the empty house.

Shirayuki goes for a walk a little bit later, with Zen following her and he eventually gets her to tell him why she ran away. This leads Zen to comment that red means destiny or fate, and that her red hair will lead her to her happy fate.

When the two get back to the house, though, they find a basket of apples that have the ribbon Shirayuki had tied her up with sitting on the steps. They take it in and Zen tries one after a moment, only for them to discover it was poisoned, and that the only person who had the antidote was Prince Raji.

Shirayuki goes to see him, and almost agrees to being his mistress in exchange for the antidote, but Zen shows up (apparently having developed a tolerance for poisons over the years) and when he reveals himself to be a prince, he’s able to convince Raji to leave Shirayuki alone and give them the antidote.

Later on, Zen finally gets Shirayuki to believe that her red hair is leading her to her fate, and she starts a new life away from Tanburan.


Oh my gosh, I’m in love with this series already! The first episode is just so sweet, with funny moments, and of course, the tension that comes with some anime, usually Shoujo from what I’ve seen. I think that the voices are great, and Zen is a very cute prince! Shirayuki is an interesting character so far, and I think she’s going to be a great heroine as this series continues!

I love that she’s got her own plan in mind, and didn’t fall to Prince Raji just because he’s a prince. I also think it’s really cool that she’s an herbalist and takes care of others! It kind of reminds me of Sakura in Naruto Shippuden!

This first episode was surprisingly VERY clean! I never know what to expect with Shoujo anime and manga, and some have been less than clean from I’ve read (I try to do a little research before I go into a series). This one is so good though so far. There’s been nothing wildly inappropriate, and I would even let my youngest sister watch it! (As long our mom approves I let her watch some anime with me.)

So, I give this first episode a ten out of ten on everything! I can’t wait to continue on!

Hetalia Episode 1 Review & Summary

Hetalia starts off with a meeting of the various world countries. America begins by talking about stopping global warming with a giant superhero that could crush it for them.

Everyone rattles off after this, with countries just speaking to each other and about different things, before Germany cuts in and decides to bring some order to the meeting. He tells everyone how much time they get to talk and that if anyone has anything to say, they should raise their hands.

One character does so, and Germany says he recognizes his friend Italy to speak.

Italy is shown on screen and the only thing he says is “pasta”.

Yeah, you can tell already, that this is going to be one really weird show. Not just because all the characters are the different countries in the world, but just because the main character’s first line is “pasta”.

Weird to the max.

The show cuts to Germany talking about the Rome during WWI, and shows him walking through a forest with a stick, apologizing for not giving his “sticky friend” from of his liverwurst.

Germany continues walking, knowing he’s going to fight a descendant of Rome, and comes across a box labeled “tomatoes”.

The screen then cuts to a “to be continues” sign, before jumping into a mini segment called “Chibitalia”. This little segment shows up only in first season episodes, and details little Italy’s life after he goes to live with Austria and the Holy Roman Empire.

The theme song comes next, and it’s so catchy. Every character has their own version of the Hetalia season one theme song. It takes a while before these versions show up, and then they’re only on a few episodes.

Hetalia is weird. It’s really, really weird, but it’s also cute and funny. Yeah, it’s filled to the brim with cultural stereotypes, so sensitive people beware! If you don’t like the stereotypes being made fun of, this is not the show for you!!

Personally, I’ve been watching Hetalia for three years now, and I’ve gotten over the stereotypes. It’s supposed to be funny. As we get further in, I’ll address some of the stereotypes that I know of, and we’ll see what happens.

I do expect these reviews to be short, as the anime episodes are only 5 minutes each, and I’d like to get two up each day when I can.

So, hope you liked this, and hope you’ll stay around as we go through this crazy show!!

Hetalia Episode Reviews — Coming Monday, July 6!!!

To celebrate the sixth season of Hetalia starting, I will begin reviewing all the episodes of Hetalia seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5!!!!

I have watched the majority of episodes, and hope to do a review of one each day to get through all 120+ episodes!

I will be watching the new season, Hetalia World Twinkle, as the episodes become available for free users on FUNimation’s website. I won’t review it until I have done Axis Powers, World Series, and The Beautiful World.

You guys don’t know how excited I am for this!! I used to be vehemently against Hetalia, until I actually watched it and I just fell in love! It’s hilarious and weird, and the characters are wonderful!!

As we go through this, I’d like to hear from you all about the series, and who your favorite countries are in it!

Personally, I’m very fond of England/Britain, Canada, Spain, and Prussia. America is one of my favorites as well, and so is France.

So, I can’t wait to get this started, and I hope you all enjoy this series as it beings Monday with Hetalia: Axis Powers episode 1!!!

Assassination Classroom Episode 9 Review&Summary – It’s Time for a Transfer Student!

(Note: I apologize for no screenshots in this review. At the time of writing, I am about to fall over asleep and am not prepared for my work and class the next day. Well, enjoy.)

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Episode nine starts out with Nagisa and Sugino heading to the schoolroom, Isogai running up behind them and asking if they got the e-mail from Karasuma about the transfer student, which they did. Okajima then runs up and shows that he got a photo of the girl from Karasuma, and shows it off, showing that she has pink hair and blue eyes, hoping that they’ll hit it off and he’ll have someone return his feelings (I guess).

When they get to the classroom, there’s a giant, black, square thing in the room, behind one of the desks, and when it turns on, the image Okajima showed the others is there. Their new classmate is an automated intelligence fixed artillery, and she’s emotionless, just like a machine would be. Karasuma introduces her to them, and the school day begins.

As Koro-sensei begins to teach, the new “student” takes the opportunity to bring out her machine guns and shoot at Koro-sensei, failing to hit him after first until she adapts and catches one of his fingers. This continues throughout every period, and, of course, it annoys the students. So, the next day, when she “wakes up” and attempts to released her guns, she finds she can’t, and assumes it is Koro-sensei’s fault and tells him this is harming her.

In reality, the other students are the ones that tried her guns down, and it keeps her from attempting to assassination Koro-sensei through the day. That night, though, Koro-sensei has a talk with his new student and upgrades her, surprising the other students the next day when the screen turns on there’s a full body design for their classmate, complete with the girls’ uniform, a background, and a happy, peppy personality.

The students warm up to her fairly quickly, enjoying this new student who actually acts like a student, helps them cheat, and can create whatever she wants with plastic and the data she has. Soon enough, they all decide to give her a name, because her title, Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery, is such a mouthful, and they end up calling her Ritsu instead. Ritsu accepts this name happily, and the day finishes happily for all of them.

Until the creators of Ritsu show up, and see the changes Koro-sensei has made. It angers them, and they begin to try and change her back to normal, telling her the only thing she was do and think about was assassinating Koro-sensei.

The fourth day starts with Ritsu greeting everyone the same as before, and Karasuma explaining that any upgrades, or attempts to tie down her weapons, will be considered harm to the student. The day starts and the students prepare to see another fully on assault, but Ritsu surprises them by bringing out a bunch of flowers, saying that Koro-sensei made almost 1,000 upgrades to her system, and, that when her master tried to remove everything unrelated to assassination, she hid cooperation in related data, and kept her ability to cooperate, defying her master and creating her own free will as a machine.

There’s a bonus scene after the ending theme where it’s showing off a trailer for a ninja film, and it’s shown that Ritsu is the one who was showing off the film trailer to the other students.

I really, really liked this episode! I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of this transfer student, but she’s as adorable as the rest of the students! Koro-sensei’s love for his students is great, and I love seeing him try to help them grow into good people, even if he is planning to destroy the earth.


Assassination Classroom Episode 8 Review&Summary – The End of the Trip, and Another Attempt!

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Assassination Classroom title episode 8

So, this episode starts out very cute. At the end of the first volume of the manga, there’s a small two page story where Koro-sensei “teaches” the students to draw him. It involves him singing a song and flying around the earth in a set pattern, and at the end, he tells the students to try for themselves, which they protect over because they can’t. That is adapted to the beginning scene of this episode, right before the theme song, and it’s really freaking cute.

1 2

Now, onto the actual episode itself. We’re quickly introduced to the character Red Eye, a skilled sniper who got his name by the fact that he shoots hi targets down so fast, all he sees is their blood in his scope lens. Each of the four groups for Class E is charged with leading Koro-sensei to a specific spot, and Red Eye will shoot him down.

As the first three go, each attempt is foiled by Koro-sensei’s snack, his joining a samurai play, and the oil blotting paper a student put on his face (it was supposed to be a distraction). Red Eye gets frustrated with this, and, when he’s supposed to go and work alongside the fourth group, Nagisa’s group, Koro-sensei receives a call from Nagisa, and it leads back to the plot line of the previous episodes, ending the attempts on Koro-sensei with Karasuma calling Red Eye to warn him.

3 4

As he mulls over this, Red Eye is approached by someone, and it turns out its Koro-sensei, surprising the sniper. The two talk over a shared meal, and Koro-sensei mentions that he looks forward to being assassinated, if it means his students will learn about things in order to try and kill him. Red Eye quits being sniper entirely (from what I can tell), telling Karasuma he wants to see other colors, not just the one.

5 6

As their school trip continues, the students slowly learn more about each other. Nagisa’s group learns a little more about Kanzaki and her gaming abilities, while some of the boys play ping pong and get Karasuma to play with them. While walking around, Nagisa, Okajima and Sugino find Nakamura and another girl trying to peep at Koro-sensei, who they find is taking a bath like a girl and the “bubbles” are his mucus. Although they threaten him with the fact he has to go by them to leave, he slips out the window instead.

Later that evening, the boys are having a discussion and ranking of the girls they like most in the class, trying to get each other to spill about who they may or may not have a crush on, with only Karma giving an actual answer with Okuda. Though they try to keep this between themselves, Koro-sensei is seen taking notes from just behind their door, and flies off at high speed as the boys chase him down (what a petty creature he is).

As it turns out, the girls are also about to discuss the boys they like in their class, bringing up Isogai and Karma, before Irina shows up, telling them to go to bed until they drag her in to hear stories about her love life, learning that she’s only twenty, and that she wants them to work on their woman-ness while they can.

7 8

When she starts to tell them a story, she looks around and catches Koro-sensei, who flees when the girls start asking him about his love life. He gets caught in a pincer attack with the girls coming from one side and the boys another, before he gets away again and runs to Karasuma, who has something interesting to bring up about Koro-sensei.

9 10

Nagisa and Kayano take the time to talk as they realize their school trip is about to end, and that, whether the world ends in March or not, this class will end. (I spy with my little eye and adorable ship…)

After the ending theme, there’s a small, extra part to the episode, where Karasuma is talking with a group of men and they mention that two new assassins will be joining Class E, starting the next episode.

11 12

I really liked this little arc. We learned a little about Kanzaki, met a new assassin, and got more laughs out of Koro-sensei. Personally, I don’t think this series could get any better, but, knowing how much I love the manga, I know it will as the episodes continue.

(Note: They did change the theme song! Why?? I liked it the way it was before! 😦 It’s even the ringtone on my cell!)

Assassination Classroom Episode 7 Review&Summary – Time for a Trip!

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Sorry for how late this post is, I’ve been really busy the past few weeks!

Assassination Classroom title episode 7

Anyway, let’s get started! Episodes 7 of Assassination Classroom encompasses the first part of the Kyoto School Trip Arc, and it’s a pretty good adaption. The students make their own groups and inform their class president, or vice president, who they will be in a group with. While they are doing this as an annual school trip, they are, of course, going to be attempting to assassinate their sensei, as always. Karasuma lets them know about this, and that the monetary prize will be split up between those who contribute to the completed mission, based on how much they participated.

1 2

Of course, even though this is happening, Koro-sensei is excited for the trip, even going so far as to pack a bag so full of stuff it’s bulging and you can’t help but wonder what he’s forgotten. The students’ excitement is infectious, and makes you want to see what happens as they prepare for their trip. Irina is less than excited, and, when she expresses this, the students tell her she can stay and watch over their garden for them, which she fights against and says she will be going with them.

3 4

When they leave the next week, our darling Class E is stuck using coach on the train, while the other classes get first class. Well, this isn’t much of a problem for Class E, because they enjoy each other’s company and don’t truly seem to care in the end if they’re stuck in that car, especially after the antics of Irina and Koro-sensei.

Irina shows up decked out in Hollywood style clothes, which Karasuma makes her change out immediately (it’s funny because, in the manga, he says it looks like Hollywood threw up on her). Koro-sensei gives the most laughs though. As he missed getting on the train (because he was buying snacks), he suctions himself to the side and tries to hide himself by blending into the train itself, but that leaves his clothes and backpack visible! Wouldn’t that freak you out to see? Once they get him inside, one of the other students creates a better looking nose for Koro-sensei, who gratefully takes it.

Quick reference, Nagisa’s group on this trip includes Karma, Sugino, Okuda, Kayano, and Kanzaki.

Kanzaki offers to go buy drinks for everyone, while Okuda and Kayano decide to go with her. As they head to the other car, they bump into a group of boys who just ooze a bad vibe when you see them. Apparently, Kanzaki drops a little notebook itinerary and the thugs find it, planning something awful as they do so.

When they reach the hotel, Koro-sensei’s weakness of motion sickness is shown, and he mentions he’ll be flying back to Tokyo because he left his personal pillow behind (another weakness is that he can’t sleep without his pillow). Kanzaki is looking through her bag for her itinerary (which she only created so they wouldn’t have to carry the giant, dictionary like one that Koro-sensei made), and finds it’s nowhere to be found, worrying her.

The scenes cut back to the thugs, who are students from a public high school and one a trip as well, with the lead thug planning to “ruin” something.

The next day, the students are trying to find the best place to assassinate Koro-sensei, with Nagisa taking them to several places known for real-life assassinations. As they head down an alleyway, the students from the public school show themselves, telling the boys to give up the girls and they would be left alone. Karma, instead, fights them, taking down a few of them before he, Nagisa, and Sugino get taken down themselves.

5 6

Once they awaken, the boys find that, minus Okuda who had hidden, the girls had been taken by the thugs. Kanzaki and Kayano are shown to be trapped in a storeroom, where the thugs are talking about how they’re going to be photographing everything and ruin things (what perverts!), while also showing a photo of Kanzaki where she was dressed down, in an arcade, and she reveals her past from the year before to Kayano, also stating how she doesn’t even know where she belongs anymore.

Before anything can happen, the boys and Okuda show up, Nagisa reading a section from Koro-sensei’s itinerary about what to do when a classmate is kidnapped. Although it starts out in their favor, it quickly turns back to being in favor of the thugs, before Koro-sensei shows up and all of them give a beating to the high schoolers, which includes bashing them over the head with their itineraries.

7 8

Once they free the girls, Koro-sensei comments on how Kanzaki seems different, and she agrees with that statement, stating that she now knows where she belongs will continue to work hard, something all of them agree to do, even if they are in an assassination classroom.

9 10

This episode is a really good adaption of the manga chapters (from what I can tell). I do know, as well, that an OVA of this specific arc was released a while back, well before an anime adaption of Assassination Classroom was announced. This OVA can only be found on YouTube, and, while I did not watch the whole thing, I thought it was really good, but this episode is even better!

I really liked seeing the boys stand up and protect the girls, especially since they are junior high boys. I also liked seeing a little bit about Kanzaki’s past, as I have a feeling we’ll be learning about the pasts of almost every student in this class. Koro-sensei’s constant shenanigans during this episode are a great source of laughs, and I hope we see even more of this as the anime continues on.

(Note on the theme song: They made a change, correct? In who was singing? It sounded mostly like it was the girls for this episode.)

Assassination Classroom Episodes 5 & 6 Summary and Review

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Today we’re trying something a little different in the way of reviews. I’m not going to be able to have too many screenshots, just a couple of select ones, because I am reviewing TWO episodes today! That’s right, episode five and six will be reviewed together! Next week I plan to return to my normal posting of the latest episode available to free users on FUNimation’s website, but today, we’re going to have a little fun!

Episode 5 is titled “Assembly Time”, and starts with the adaption of my favorite chapter from the first volume of the manga. It starts with Koro-sensei gathering up the snacks and candies the students used for a chemistry experiment because he was in between paychecks and had no way to get any food until he got paid. When the experiment was over, one of the students, Okuda, steps up with three bottles of poison in her hand, and asks Koro-sensei to drink it because it was poison. He does so without hesitation, with unexpected results in the way of his face. He then suggests Okuda staying after class so they can work on a poison to kill him together, which she agrees to, to the surprise of her classmates.

 1 2 3 4

Koro-sensei, after speaking with Okuda and learning the reason why she was put into the E “As in End” Class, gives her a recipe to make her own poison at home to bring and give to him the next day. She does, but this “poison” just turns Koro-sensei into a melted ball that can fly around the room at a higher speed then he could move before. He gives her a quick lesson on why words are as important as science, and Okuda resolves to learn how to use languages to her advantage.

The second half of the episode is about a school assembly. Class 3-E makes their way to the auditorium with Irina falling behind because of how far they had to walk from their mountain to the school, but it turns out all right for them in the end, honestly. The other students, thought they mock and try to hate on this class of misfits, they end up making the best of it. The other students see Karasuma and Irina and quickly become jealous of 3-E. When they try to pull a prank on the other students, Koro-sensei shows up and corrects things, surprising the upper-classmen.

 5 6 7 8

The students quickly file out once the assembly is over, and Nagisa stops to get a drink from the bending machine before he heads back to the mountain classroom with the others, but is stopped by two of his old “friends”, I guess, who try to make him feel bad for having fun in his class and threaten to kill him after a moment. Nagisa, though, states they don’t look like they’ve ever killed anyone, and heads back to his classroom. While this happens, we see a soon to be introduced character watching, and the episode ends.

Episode six, “Test Time”, involved the students preparing for exams at the main school building. Koro-sensei splits himself into several clones (in the vein of Naruto Uzumaki, I suppose) to teach his students, each clone wearing a different headband to represent what each student will be learning, as he is teaching one-on-one the subjects they’re worst at (one of the students even gets a Koro-sensei clone with the Naruto headband).

Once this finished, Koro-sensei, Karasuma, and Irina meet the principal of the school, Gakuhō Asano, who has come to formally meet Koro-sensei and warn him about letting the students of 3-E get their hopes up about better grades and doing well on the exams coming up. He even tricks Koro-sensei into getting himself tied up by tossing a metal ring puzzle at him and telling him her like one second to complete the thing. Nagisa overhears the conversation, and, Asano leaves to return to the main campus, he gives Nagisa a dry, unfeeling “good luck” about the exams.

 1 2 3 4

The next day, Koro-sensei is trying even harder to help his students, making more and more clones to teach them what they need to know for the test. When the students question they he’s doing this, since they’ll probably fail anyway and they had the assassination to rely on, Koro-sensei becomes visibly angry and takes them outside, scolding them and flattening the area around them, telling them that if they did NOT make it into the top 50, he would leave and they would be stuck in this classroom forever.

The students agreed to the ultimatum, and did well on the test up until the 11th question, which was later proven to be a curve ball to throw off Class 3-E, as the rest of the school received notice of the changes to the exam, but 3-E did not. It appears none of them made it into the top 50, and Koro-sensei apologizes until Karma throws a knife at him to catch him off guard, and shows that he did make it into the top 50, and wonders if Koro-sensei was just scared about being killed. The other students join in this and Koro-sensei decides to stay with them, continuing to teach them as he had before.

 5 6 7 8

These episodes do their manga counterparts justice. Again, chapter seven of the first volume is my favorite one so far, and I was really glad when I saw it was actually being adapted into half of an episode. I have to say that the school’s principal is one of my least favorite characters in the series so far, and I will be glad if I never have to see him again (though I know that’s far too easy). But I’ll survive, and keep watching to see how well this adapts the next arc in the manga.

Assassination Classroom Episode 4 Summary and Review

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Assassination Classroom Episode 4 title

Episode four of Assassination Classroom opens with Koro-sensei purchasing some cheap snacks now that he’s finally gotten his paycheck. While leaving the store, he sees a blonde woman being harassed by a group of men outside a car and comes to her rescue, scaring off the thugs and being given gratitude by the woman, who then asks if he knows the way to Kunugigaoka Junior High School. If you’ve read the second book of the manga (which I swear I will be reading and reviewing soon), you know where this is going. If not, I’ll gladly tell you.

The blonde woman is the students’ new foreign language teacher, Irina Jelavic. Don’t let her looks fool you though (even if they have fooled Koro-sensei), she’s actually a trained assassin who, according to Karasuma, knows 40 different languages and is very good at her job of taking out targets. The students aren’t fooled by her supposed crush on their alien teacher, but it’s going to be a little while before Koro-sensei may even sense something is wrong with this woman crushing on him. Karasuma does inform Irina that she has to teach the children during her time there, but she fully believes that there won’t even be time for teaching, as she intends to kill Koro-sensei right away.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

During what I assume was a lunch or recess, the students are playing a game with Koro-sensei before Irina runs out and practically begs (it’s a façade, you know) him to go get her some Vietnamese coffee, which he does immediately and leaves the students with Irina. Irina goes right for Nagisa, somehow knowing he has the information on Koro-sensei, and kisses him to try and convince him to give her what she wants, telling all the other students that she wants whatever information they may have, also telling them not to call her by her first name, which leads Karma to give her a not so nice nickname (I will not be writing that nickname here, as I try to keep this blog and my mind free of nasty names and cuss words). She even tells them that she’s only going to play teacher while Koro-sensei is around, meaning all she cares about is kill him. The students appear to have come to the consensus that they absolutely hate Irina, which does not bold well for her.

After they return to the classroom for study hall, Irina is going over a strategy to kill Koro-sensei when the students ask if she’s going to teach them anything, calling her by the nickname Karma gave her. The only lesson she even tries to give them is how to say her name, by making them sit for an hour biting their lower lip to properly say the “V” sound. A little bit later, she tells Karasuma she has her plan all together, and Koro-sensei returns with some Chai tea she had asked him to bring. Irina asks Koro-sensei to meet her in the shed during fifth period, which he agrees to.

8 9 10 11 12

Later, the students watch as Koro-sensei follows Irina into the shed, surprised he would fall for such a tactic but Karasuma tells them that it’s pretty impressive she was able to pull this off in one day. While in the shed, Irina’s henchman are preparing for their attack as she fakes that she’s in love with him, causing Koro-sensei to get flustered like there’s no tomorrow. While she goes behind an old chalk board, her henchman begin shooting at Koro-sensei, to no vail though, as he informs her that metal bullets cannot hurt him, and that he always gives care and grooming to would-be assassins. As he does this, the students come running to see what happened, only to see Irina dressed in an old gym uniform and completely humiliated by the failed assassination, promising she’ll take care of him soon.

During class later on (or the next day, I’m not sure which one), Irina is trying to find another way to kill Koro-sensei, while the students wonder if, since she’s obviously not going to teach them anything, she’ll switch out with Koro-sense so he can teach them. Irina makes the mistake of tearing down the students after they mention they have entrance exams this year, and calls them the loser misfits of the school and says she’ll give them 5 million yen to share, until an eraser is tossed at her and they tell her to leave, throwing a fit because of how she acted towards them.

Irina goes to complain to Karasuma, who tells her to apologize to the students even though she has no teaching experience. He takes her to the back of the school house and shows her where Koro-sensei spends his Wednesdays after sixth period, writing individualized tests for his students. Karasuma then shows her the students playing a game of Assassination Badminton, where they are trying to hit a ball that looks like Koro-sensei with fake swords. He also tells that if she touts being a pro so much, she had better learn to be an assassin and a teacher at the same time, or she would have to leave.

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Irina returns to the classroom later, telling the students that she will teach them basic conversational skills to help with their assassination attempts, and their English as a bonus, and that she apologized for what she had said earlier, making the students laugh because of the fact she had just been threatening to kill them and was now acting nervous. The group decide they can’t call her by the nasty nickname they had chosen earlier, but just add sensei to the end of it and upset Irina even more. Karasuma and Koro-sensei watch from outside the classroom, with Koro-sensei suggesting he expected a new teacher to be brought in while Karasuma muses about how this octopus alien thing still hasn’t said a word about why he decided to teach this class.

20 21 22 23 24

Irina is an all right character. I personally get a bit annoyed and fairly uncomfortable when there are characters that are used to play up the sexy factor of a series, but as long as it’s not in every freaking episode I’m usually ok (this is why I will never watch or review any hentai). Her voice is a bit higher than I expected, but I think as the series goes on it will get better, it usually does because the voice actors seem to slowly ease into the characters personalities and get a feel for the voice they need to use.

I think that, now that two of the more major characters (Karma and Irina) have been introduced, the series will go along smoothly for the next few weeks, until this season (I hope there’s another season) ends. I’m looking forward to the dub to be released on DVD later on, and I highly suggest that, if you can afford it and you’re a fan of the AC, Death Parade, or Tokyo Ghoul, you invest in FUNimation’s all access subscription to try out their new dubs on Wednesday nights. I personally cannot because I can’t afford it, but if you can, go for it!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned the ending theme before, but it’s a very quiet song for such a show. It may not fit to some people, but with how hilarious yet serious this show can be, I think a calm, soothing ending theme is great to finish off an episode.

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