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This is not an affiliated or sponsored post with Amazon. I did not receive these products for free, I purchased them myself.


Well this is going to be a big post haha. I received a $40 Amazon gift card as a gift recently at work, and I finally got to use it! I made this order on April 29, and it finally arrived at my house on May 7. (If would have been here earlier if I had used my mom’s Amazon account, but, it’s fine. There are reasons I didn’t and I was ok with waiting…for the most part.)

So, four of these items are just things I wanted/needed, and three of them are very personal. I will talk about two of these items more than the other, because the other is going to be used for a very special reason. Maybe one day I’ll share what it’s for, but, right now? I’m not sure I want to, so, I’ll keep the reason for it to myself. 🙂

So the first item is a box of 44 cards of Proverbs to color in. For Christmas this past year, my mom bought a shared gift for all of us of blessings to color in, and I really enjoyed them, so, when I was making this order, I decided to get the Proverbs one, especially after going through a few personal things. This box is super pretty, and the cards are really nice. My cards, though, seem to have been cut oddly when they were made, so there were pieces falling off and the edges aren’t PERFECT, but, that’s ok. I’ll still enjoy coloring them. I’m thinking about getting trading card sleeves to get these into my binder of coloring pages, in order to keep them safe once they’ve been colored (or I’ll leave them in the box, lol. I don’t know yet.)

This one is a Copic Marker Doodle Pack! I’ve bought one of these before, and honestly love them! Copics are such great markers, even though they’re expensive! This one is the Turquoise pack, and it includes Cool Shadow, Mint Green, Atyou Spica glitter pen, and a gray Copic multiliner pen. These are going to be awesome for journalling and drawing in general!

OK, so, this is the one that’s got a special reasoning behind it, and I’m keeping that to myself, but I wanted to show the journal itself, because it’s super pretty. I have a pink one like this with Matthew 19:26 on it, and I’m going to be using that one to write down Bible verses I want to remember. This one is going to be used alongside it at times, but for a very private reason. I may talk about it more one day, but, right now, it’s being kept for me to know. :3

This one is a illustrated devotional for women. I picked this one out because it looked very pretty and the pictures of pages I saw on Amazon looked lovely. I think it’ll be something great to do each night before bed, especially since I have a small set of coloring pencils I can use with it.

This item was more of a silly one, but I ordered one pack of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards haha. Those are the six I got, and one is A PENGUIN. I’m going to have him move into my New Leaf town soon!! 😀

Finally, I got a new umbrella. Mine was a cheap little one from Walmart, and it got really beat up during our last bout of rain and wind two weeks ago. So I bought a stronger one! 🙂 I love the flower on top of it too!


So that’s everything I got this time. I’m really happy with everything, and I’m glad to finally have the important things I had been waiting for. 🙂


RightStuf and FUNimation Online Shop Orders

Hey there guys!

Today I’ve got a quick post about the recent anime orders I made from RightStuf and FUNimation! I had a bit of trouble with FUNimation, because I ordered one item and was sent the incorrect one TWICE, but I’ll explain that later!

So let me start with the RightStuf order, because that one was correct from the start and very important to me.


So the RightStuf order is the first one I’ve ever made with them, and I was very impressed with it. I ordered the Boruto -Naruto the Movie- DVD and the first volume of the Boruto manga. I decided to order from here because of the bonus art postcard you could get one of three of, and I ended up getting the one I wanted of Sarada and Sasuke! 🙂 I’ve very happy with those this order arrived and that everything was in great condition. The postcard is now safely tucked away in the movie DVD case, haha.

Funimation Anime

Now for the FUNimation order…I was less than impressed with this one. My original order consisted of two Tsubasa DVD sets, and the first season of Kamisama Kiss Blu-Ray/DVD set. Instead of getting Kamisama Kiss, I surprisingly got the Fractale set, which I did not order. So I got into contact with FUNimation and they said they would send a replacement, which they did, but it ended up being ANOTHER copy of Fractale. One more email, with all my pictures to prove I ordered Kamisama Kiss, not Fractale, and that something had to be amiss in their warehouse, and I FINALLY received Kamisama Kiss about two weeks ago. (And yes, I purposefully left the SAVE edition sides of the covers out. I don’t mind it and the SAVE editions are fairly cheap haha.)

I was allowed to keep Fractale, so, that’s good I guess. The point here, if you get sent the wrong item from any place, get into contact with them immediately, don’t just reorder it. Usually the company will be glad to help and fix it, and I’m glad that FUNimation fixed it.

The items themselves were in perfect condition. I’ve been watching Kamisama Kiss and very much enjoying it! I’ll definitely try out Fractale sometime this summer, and will get around to watching my Tsubasa sets as well. Tsubasa is a very good anime, and I absolutely adore the series, and the OVAs I purchased, I love Tokyo Revelations and I can’t wait to watch Spring Thunder for the first time!

So yeah, that’s everything from these orders! I hope I can review each of these over the summer, and make a decision on if I like Fractale or not. So please be looking out for those! 🙂

Fandom Friday: Naruto Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki Funko POP — LOOK WHAT I HAVE

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

Today’s Fandom Friday is actually a very late post that I had intended to make last month, but got busy, hehe…

Anyway, I went a mall last month to see the Boruto movie on the 13th, and while I was there I stopped at Hot Topic to look for something had been released there as an exclusive pre-release special. I didn’t have high hopes that it would be there, but I was surprised and it was, so, I bought it without hesitation!


This is the official Naruto Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki Funko POP! Currently, he is only available at Hot Topic as a pre-release special, so that kind of tells me that he will be available in other places, like Amazon, when the street date comes around (I think it’s the end of February, perhaps?)

This line is not just Naruto, of course. It also includes Sasuke Uchiha, and a giant, 6 inch Kurama. I almost got Kurama when I was at Hot Topic, but he was almost $20 and I decided he could wait, perhaps until he’s available on the Hot Topic website. Sasuke was nowhere to be seen in the store, so, I’m hoping he’ll be available on the website soon as well (both Sasuke and Kurama are currently listed as Out of Stock on Hot Topic’s website).

But, back to Naruto! He is just so freaking cute! Naruto is my very first Funko POP, and I think he’s just the perfect way to start my, hopefully small, collection! The colors on him are so vibrant, and I just love them! I didn’t look too closely at the paint job when I was in the store, so, I probably could have gotten one that looked a bit better, but, it’s whatever. He still looks so cute to me!

IMG_20151214_141357 IMG_20151214_141422 IMG_20151214_141431 IMG_20151214_141441 IMG_20151214_141450 IMG_20151214_141511

The only part of him that’s posable is his head. It turns and you can position him how you want. I chose to positon him turned a bit, because it kind of looks like he’s ready for battle! I hope to get Sasuke when he’s available and have them set the same way, so it can be like when they were going to battle against Madara in the manga. 🙂

So, for my very first Funko POP, I think Naruto is great! He’s super cute, and the perfect addition to either a Funko collection or a Naruto one! If this set of three is successful, I hope Funko will release more of the Naruto Shippuden characters, like Sakura and Itachi! If they did Sakura and Hinata, I would get them right away so they could be with their boys!

Prismacolor Premier 12 Colored Pencils — Another set of colored pencils!

***The company involved in the making of this product has no relation to me and has not provided me with this item. I received this item as a present years ago and was not given any compensation for this review.***

This is the other set of Prismacolor pencils I have at the moment. I received these as a Christmas present a few years ago, and still have all the pencils in this set. When you buy new sets, you will receive white and black again, but those are the most used colors, so, it shouldn’t matter much to you in the end.

This set comes in a metal tin, unlike the manga coloring pencils which came in an easy open cardboard box, and they have a tray that they sit in. The pencils sit nicely in the tray next to each other, but they’re not in there so tightly that you can’t get them out easily. The pencils are protected fairly well in the metal tin. I haven’t had any problems with them in the time that I’ve had them.

WP_20150503_026 WP_20150503_028 WP_20150503_029

This tin seems to be around $12 on Amazon, and I’m not sure how much it would be at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, so I would do some pricing before you run out and buy them, haha.


The colors are really nice. They’re bright and easy to draw with, so coloring or drawing on’t be a problem with these pencils. They sharpen really well too, so you can have as dull or sharp a point as you want or need without any problems.

Prismacolor Premier Manga 23 Colored Pencils — Pretty colors!!

Prismacolor just so happens to be my favorite brand of colored pencils and drawing supplies. I may not use them very often, but I love having them for when I do want to draw something and then color it in. I like to draw manga and anime style eyes, and I’m fairly good at that. I will be attempting to teach myself how to draw better this summer, and this new pack of pencils should come in handy.

While it’s my favorite brand of pencils, Prismacolor is also, probably, the best quality brand of art supplies you will ever find. I have yet to have a problem with these in the first 12 pack I ever had, and I do plan to buy even more of these pencils as I dive back into drawing. The manga pack of colored pencils were purchased partially because of their price on Amazon (please, buy these on Amazon instead of from a craft store. You’ll save a lot of money) and because I had been stalking this particular set for a while. This set comes with 18 colored pencils, and 5 Verithin pencils.



The package itself can be set to stand up so you can easily grab the pencils. (My cat was very interested in this, haha.) It’s really nice to have that, especially if you need to grab a color quickly. The pencils are easy to grab and pull out of the box, there’s no fighting the box or anything. The five Verithin pencils are unsharpened, but they sharpen easily and quickly (my Indigo Blue took a tiny bit longer than the other four).

The colors are beautiful. I know I only drew a line for each, but I think they’re really lovely colors. The pencils are easy to draw with and can’t be erased, so, once you color with them, it’s there for good. The Verithin pencils have a sharper point because I had to sharpen them by hand, but it was easy and quick, and the colored pencils themselves will match after I have to sharpen them.

WP_20150503_017 WP_20150503_019

There are no extra pieces to this, just the package and the pencils. There’s a little tip for drawing and coloring with these pencils on the inside of the package, but nothing else of importance (just a small slip of paper with the web address on it).

So, these pencils are a great buy for your if you do drawing of any kind (not just manga style) or for someone you know as a gift.

After I use these more, I’ll post an update about what I think of them.

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