July 2017 Umai Crate

Well here it is! This is, for sure, my last subscription box for a while, because I just bought a new phone and need to pay it off, and have other things I need to pay for.

But, this crate looks like it’s going to be a really good one!

This one has a couple of seafood flavored ramen! I love seafood and I’m sure these are going to be great to taste!

20170708_114310 (1)

This first one is Itomen – Champon Noodles. The booklet describes this as a tasty bag of noodles that comes with a little packet of dried shrimp and shitake mushrooms, yum! I think when I have this, I’ll add a soft boiled egg and maybe some green onions!

20170708_114322 (1)

This second package is the Itomen – Premium Yakisoba! I love yakisoba noodles, and this one is described as having a fruity scent with a soy glaze! I may follow the suggestion for this packet and add some sauteed cabbage and onion!


This one is the Fujiwara – Chikara Crab Ramen! Yay for crab ramen! I do think this one will be delicious, because I love crab and it already looks good from the package!


This noodle cup is the Yamadai – T’s Restaurant Tantanmen! These noodles were made out of a collaboration with T’s Restaurant, which is apparently a vegan based restaurant! These look good and I almost ate them immediately when I read what they were, just because they look good!


This second cup is the Yamadai – Tamarisato Amume Shomosomen! It’s a mini cup and the broth is flavored with two different kinds of kelp, plum, and has mini faux plum flowers in it! I really hope this is good!


This third cup is the Yamamoto – Umakaro Chinese Noodles – Miso! Yes more miso!! I absolutely love miso soup and flavors! These are a vegetarian friendly option and this looks really good. I’m super excited for more miso!


Finally, this is the Yamamoto – Small Shrimp Teniri Soba! More soba and this one has shrimp!! Shrimp ramen can be a hit or miss for me, but this one looks like it’s going to be great!


Our bonus item this month is Ms. Hen Spoon Cup! This little rubber chicken will sit on the edge of your bowl and hold your spoon for you, so you don’t have to try and balance it across the top or set it on the table!

All in all, even though I didn’t plan to get this box, I think it’s a really good one! I like having cup ramen as a simple, fast lunch some days, and the packet ramen is great to have on hand as well! (Shows how much of a college student I am lol.)

I’m really happy with this crate, and I can’t wait to eat all of these!






March 2017 Umai Crate

I got my March Umai Crate last week! I’m so loving this subscription box, but unfortunately can’t get the April one because I used the money for that to buy something else, but, it’s ok! Lets go ahead and do a quick overview of this crate!

Sorry the second picture has a blue tint to it, I don’t know why that happens! Anyway, in this crate, we again got seven types of ramen, our bonus item, and this time I actually got the pamphlet! 🙂 So let’s get started!


The first ramen in the box is Yamamotoseifun – Pompoko Ramen! This is a miso flavored ramen, which I LOVE because miso is one of my favorite flavors! I love miso soup and miso flavored ramen is great!


The second is the Yamamotoseifun – Mune Hanarou Chinese Soy Sauce Noodles! Soy sauce flavored noodles are pretty good, and this one looks like it’s going to be delicious! I might do some add-ins to it to make it even more delicious!


My third pack is the Yamamotoseifun – Hanarou Chinese Salted Noodles! Yes, three from the same brand, how cool! Salted noodles sound interesting, and if I have some seafood when I eat this, I’ll definitely add it!


This is so cute! This is the Mini Cup Noodle in original flavor! This is definitely snack sized, and could have a lot of things added to it to help emphasize the flavor!


The fifth ramen is the Sankei Shimbun Osaka Ramen Soy Sauce! Another soy sauce flavor! This looks really good, and like it would be a great lunch on a lazy Saturday!


Another mini cup of ramen! This one is Sapporo Miso Ramen Mini Bowl! Another miso ramen, yes! Very small, definitely for a snack, but will still taste great!

The final ramen in this box is Daikoku Foods – Big Curry Udon! My mom does not like curry, but I’m curious about trying this! This bowl is HUGE too, and I’m definitely going to be eating it soon!


OK, now this is the last item in the box, and it’s the bonus item! It’s a packet of Shichimi Togarashi! This is a spice mix and JapanCrate has a description of it on their blog. I tried this on plain white rice and on mixed rice, and it was good both ways! I really like it!


So that’s the March Umai Crate! I love these crates so much, they’re so great! Like I said at the beginning, I won’t be getting the April box, but we’ll back in May! 🙂


February 2017 Umai Crate

After being quite late, I FINALLY have the Feburary Umai Crate to review! The box was a bit late, but I expected that since all of Japan Crate’s boxes are now shipping directly from Japan and then I was late getting this up because I’ve been busy! But, I’ve gotten the time to make this post, and here it is!

So, unfortunately, my Umai Crate did not some with the booklet, but I did email Japan Crate and they provided me with the PDF version of it, so, I can still tell you all what’s in here! 🙂 (Note that at this point, I’ve eaten all but three of these LOL.)


First up, a noodle bowl called Ajiwaimenkoobou – Flavory Miso ramen! So it looks like this is miso flavor ramen in a bowl. All you do, of course, is add hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. I personally love miso soup, so, I can’t wait to try this!


This is part of the reason why I decided to start Umai Crate haha! This is the Pokemon Noodle Mini Soy Sauce Flavor. It’s another cup of noodles, but it has a Pikachu theme to it! The cup has Pikachu on it, and inside with the noodles are Pikachu styled Naruto Maki, the fish cake! It also comes with a sticker! It’s a small cup, so, obviously meant to be a snack, not a whole meal.


This one is the Wakame Ramen – Yukari Finish. It’s flavor with seaweed, which makes me happy because I love seaweed snacks! This was a really good bowl of ramen! I just made it as is, didn’t add anything to it, and I really, really enjoyed it! It had a fishy seaweed taste, but it wasn’t bad at all! It was delicious! I wish I could get more easily!


This package is the Nara Tenri Ramen. I did try this one, but I still am unsure of the flavor! It was good, kind of had a slight mushroom taste to it, and I really liked it! If I did anything else to it, I probably would have added some veggies or meat to it.


Next is the Daikokuken – Miso Ramen! Another miso ramen, yay!! I haven’t tried this one yet, but when I do, I’ll definitely have a soft boiled egg and maybe some pork with it!


This is another Daikokuken ramen, but this one is Shio flavored! I looked it up, and from what I could tell, shio is salt flavor, but it wasn’t as salty as I expected it to be! I added some chicken, corn, and soft boiled egg to this, and it was really good!


The final ramen in this box was the Hyoubanya – Chuka Ramen Soba Soy! This was super good too! It was the first one I had out of my box, and I had it with a fried egg. I really enjoyed it!


The bonus item in the box was this heart shaped egg mold! I’ve used this twice now since I got it, and I really like it! It’s made of silicone so it’s easy to clean and use, and it’s worked pretty well! I’d probably, though, use it with two eggs stead of one, especially if I’m not using large eggs.


So there it is! The February Umai Crate! I am currently waiting for my March crate to get here, and I hope to get that up fairly quickly once it gets here. I will NOT be getting the April crate, as I made the decision to skip it to preorder Boruto – Naruto the Movie and the first volume of the Boruto manga instead of getting the next crate.

I plan to return to Umai Crate in May however! I hope you guys will stick with me as we review these!


JapanCrate Bonus Stocking


So the day after I got my January JapanCrate, the wonderful bonus stocking/box arrived! I was taking a shower when one of my sisters got the mail, so when I went back to my room I was surprised to see a DokiDoki Crate box on my bed, as I was 100% sure I hadn’t ordered one! Then I opened it, and it was the bonus stocking from their Christmas code!


I had thought this would be in, like, a bad with all the stuff stuck in the stocking, but I like the box a lot better. I can use it for my sticker diary items (it will return in February!) or some other little things! The felt stocking is cute, but I have a stocking I use every year for Christmas with my family, so, this may just hang on my bedroom door next Christmas as a little bit of decoration.

This bonus gift came with nine items, not including the stocking. The items are various little things from all four of their crates: the JapanCrate, DokiDoki Crate, Umai Crate, and KiraKira Crate. I do hope in the coming month to try the DokiDoki, Umai, and KiraKira crates, but that will have to be a “wait and see” kind of thing, because I’m working for minimum wage and I have to save my money for a car (and I pay my parents for my cell phone bill because I’m on a family plan with them). But, anyway, I’d LOVE to try the other crates, and hope to get the chance to in the future! For now, let’s look at all these items!

For the majority of these items, I went to the JapanCrate online store and found them there, which is the only reason I have names and descriptions. Two of the items were not there, but I was able to find the name for one of them.


This item is a snack called Nikuidaizu: Pepper Jerky Flavor. This isn’t a beef jerky at all, it’s made from soy beans, so, it’s like a vegetarian jerky! The package feels a bit squishy when I mess with it. It’s funny I ended up getting this, because I was considering ordering it from an online store haha!


The second item in this little box made me so happy to see! It’s washi tape!! This is DokiDoki Crate exclusive washi tape, and features their original character Hoppe-chan and her friends! These are going to be grate to use in my sticker diary!

This third item is a little gachapon ice cream cone keychain! There’s not much else to say with this one, except that I already broke the plastic container it came it by accident lol. It’s super cute, and I may hang it off my phone case or my lanyard!

This item is an adorable little item is a coin purse, and the character is called Chakkun. This character, according to the item description, is a combination of accessory items forgotten and left on the Harajuku streets after a long day. With some magic, this little guy was created. It’s so freaking cute, and it has a little cell phone charm string on it. I’d love to carry this and keep my coins in it.

Please ignore my horrible looking nails lol.

This adorable little item is a hair tie! I had seen someone open the DokiDoki Crate that this came in, and I was so in love with it, I wanted one so bad. So, I’m so happy that I got this! The style is adorable, and it holds my hair up very nicely!


This little bag is simply a bag of potato chips, but these black pepper flavored! I actually like sea salt and black pepper flavored chips and snacks, so, I’m kind of hoping these are somewhat the same!


It took me FOREVER to find what this ramen is called. This is the Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramyun. And yeah, the package shows that it’s extremely spicy, and I’m a little worried about eating it. I don’t do so well with really spicy food, but I will try this.


This is the next to last item I got in my bonus box. It’s a facial mask, and the package says it’s an apricot collagen treatment. The back of the package DOES have English instructions, so, I won’t be lost when I try this out.


This last item is a plastic scrunchie/bracelet! When I pulled this out, my sister thought it was a keychain type of item, because she has one that looks like this that she her keys on, but this is a harder plastic. I still might use it the same way, because it kind of worries me to put this in my hair honestly.


So that’s everything that was in my bonus stocking/box from JapanCrate! I’m pretty happy with all of it, but I do wish they had included like, a small paper or booklet explaining what each of these were, especially since it took me a bit to find the name and flavor of the ramen.

I will be review the snacks, and maybe the washi tapes. I don’t think I’ll review the facial mask lol.


Tasty Thursday: Koyo Organic Mushroom Ramen

I went to Sprouts for the first time this past weekend, and got a lot of snacks and food for under $25 because of sales (mostly fruit for work lol), and while my mom, sister, and I were there,  we went through the snacks and prepared food section, and ended up finding packets of organic ramen on sale (I think for $.79?) and I had to pick two of them up because the flavors sounded great and…well, I hadn’t eaten lunch at that point yet. :I


So the first one, which I ate for my lunch after I got home, was the Mushroom flavored one. The directions were like most normal ramens, where you boil the water and put it in for a few minutes, add the flavor packet and there’s your ramen.

Simple enough, and that’s what I did.

20160604_145816 20160604_145823

This is how it looked once it was finished, still hot. It smelled really good, and it didn’t taste too bad either. I didn’t get much of a mushroom taste, however, and it wasn’t very salty like I was expecting. It was still pretty tasty though. So, I would recommend it if you’d like something small for a quick lunch or dinner, but I don’t know if I would buy it again. It was a nice change from the shrimp or beef that I usually eat when I do have ramen (which isn’t very often now).

I have another one of these to try soon, and I’m more excited for that flavor than this one. 😀

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