New Art and Pokemon Blog

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been around lately (final semester of college is KILLING ME), but I decided to make a new blog specifically for all my art and Pokemon stuff!

Art will include traditional pencil and paper works, as well as digital art such as Twitch layouts (as I do stream now *cough* *cough*) and my current favorite thing to do, which is color Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia sketches he puts on his twitter, as well as some manga panels. I’ll also post any and all cross stitching and crochet works there as well now.

The Pokemon aspect will mostly include my shiny Pokemon finds. I’m not a hardcore hunter because I don’t have a ton of time to do so, but it’s something I do enjoy in my free time.

So, if you’d like to follow this new blog to see my art journey and such, please give it a follow!

Christmas 2017 Gifts

This is weeks late, but I’ve been very busy lately and wanted to get this posted since I’ve done it the last few years, so, sorry for being super late, but here’s everything I received for Christmas 2017!


Well there’s everything! I didn’t get a lot, but that’s perfectly ok. I got some very nice things and I’m very thankful just to be thought of and be given something that someone thought I would enjoy or they knew I needed. 🙂

I’ll just list a few things real quick~

I was given penguin socks a journal by one of my sisters, another one gave us a family gift so we got a couple of movies and some homemade Muddy Buddies (which we call Puppy Chow), and my youngest sister gave me a folding fan and the art that says “throw kindness around like confetti”. I also received a new copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.5, because my original one wasn’t working properly, Colton Dixon’s “Identity” album, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD/BluRay. And from one of my best friends I got a Mimikyu plushie from the Pokemon Center website. 🙂

And then I got a bunch of candy and some smaller items that you can see in the image. 🙂

Again this is pretty late, but I ope everyone had a great Chritmas and I’ll be back to posting more often soon!

Sorry About That

My apologies if you just got a few emails about Assassination Classroom reviews just being posted.

Those were posted almost 3 years ago and somehow got moved into drafts when I was cleaning out some old posts and images.

Artful Tuesdays: Thankful Coloring Page

This week is Thanksgiving in the US! I won’t be able to post anything this Thursday, so, there’s a coloring page in honor of this holiday!

I colored this page with Copics, Sharpies, and Sakura gelly roll pens.

I got this page from

Artful Tuesdays: October Coloring page

It’s been a long time since I posted here, but here’s a coloring page to celebrate October being here!!

I got thia page do

I colored this with Sakura gelly roll pens, Sharpies, and Copic markers.

Pokemon Sun and Moon


I apologize for this month not working out, but I have been very busy and just finished a weekend seminar for a leadership group I’m in. I wish I could have gotten all the coloring pages done, but man, classes and homework just hit me in the face.

But, apart from that, Pokemon Sun and Moon have officially been released in the US and several other countries (I’m sorry for you Europe. :[), and I picked up my copies yesterday afternoon (I bought the Rowlet plush on my birthday, review next month!)

So, I wanted to ask: Would you all like to see formal review in December once I complete both games? (One will be a personal playthrough, and the other will be used for competitive battles when I’m in streams on Twitch) I fully intend to finish, at least, Moon this week during my Thanksgiving break, and to work on Sun for battles.

I’d love to give you all a full, complete review, WITH NO SPOILERS. I have avoided all story line spoilers that I could (stupid youtube didn’t take down vids from illegal copies, and i ended up with a few small snippets on my home feed :/), so, I know barely anything apart from what the Pokemon Company has shown us in videos.

I’m excited to start my seventh Pokemon Generation journey to the Alola region, obviously starting for the first time with Rowlet, the cute little grass owl. 😉

So please let me know, and I’ll try to get a nice review put together once I complete my classes for this semester. 🙂

Tasty Thursday: Meiji Hello Panda–I love you, Hello Panda.

I may have reviewed these before, I’m not sure, but let’s just go ahead and review it anyway! 🙂

Today’s Tasty Thursday post is a box of Meiji Hello Panda that I got in my Christmas stocking last year!

These are the plain cookie with chocolate creme inside! I am absolutely in love with these cookies! You can get them for only a dollar at Target’s dollar section, and I always enjoy getting them for a small, sweet snack when I need some chocolatey.

The cookie is crispy and tasty, and the chocolate creme is very smooth and delicious as well. These are just so good.

If I can, I’d like get the double chocolate Hello Panda cookies to try again as well, and the vanilla creme ones!

Manga Mondays: Assassination Classroom volume 5 — Finish the game, meet a creep, and swimming?

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***

Volume 5 of Assassination Classroom continues with the finale of the baseball game that began in the last volume. Principal Asano shows up and takes over, claiming the actual baseball coach to be sick and taking his place, making a game plan with the varsity team in order to help them beat Class 3-E.

It almost works for them, but in the end, after everything that plays out, Class 3-E does the unthinkable and wins! Sugino has a friendly moment with the captain of the baseball team, and Korosensei marks this one as a win for him, and a loss for Asano, tying them up.

After this, there’s a small filler chapter focusing on Sugaya and his art skills, which is actually a really funny little chapter. I really enjoyed it!

The next few chapters, leading up the final one of this volume, involves a new teacher to Class 3-E, a man named Akira Takaoka, a sadistic character brought in by the government to take over Karasuma’s place and train the students.

This doesn’t go over well, as Takaoka is horribly abusive to the kids, acting like an abusive parent and trying to win them over by saying if they love him like a dad, they won’t be punished, but when they do disobey, he will beat them. The students immediately call for Karasuma to come back, and Takaoka makes a challenge towards him.

If one of the students, whoever Karasuma picks, can catch Takaoka with a real knife, he’ll leave and let Karasuma continue teaching them.

Karasuma, surprisingly, selects Nagisa to take up the challenge, and, against all odds, Nagisa comes out on top, which infuriates Takaoka, especially after Asano shows up and basically fires the abusive jerk face.

In the end, Karasuma resumes his job as the P.E. teacher, and everyone is happy when they head out for some treats with him (minus Korosensei who gets left behind).

The final chapter shows the students (and Korosensei) basically melting from the horrible summer heat. Because it would take them 20 minutes to walk down to the school to use the pool, Korosensei creates one for the students from a nearby steam, and takes them there for a swim day, where the students find out something interesting about their teacher, and Kataoka decides it’s her turn for an assassination attempt.

This was a fun volume, I think! The characters introduced are interesting, and I absolutely despise Takaoka now, lol. I think that was the point though, so you wanted Karasuma back right away.

I can’t wait to get volume 6 and see what happens next. I’m really excited!

Next week’s Manga Monday will be a return to Naruto; I think we’ll move onto volume two, since I’ve already done volume one! So please look forward to that!

Christmas Coloring Page #3

Sorry this is so late! I was very busy this week, but here’s our next page! I really like how this turned out!


Bisco Biscuit Cream Sandwich — A couple of tasty little cookies!!

So this begins our week of Skoshbox snack reviews!!

This first item is the Bisco Biscuit Cream Sandwich, in other words, it’s a sandwich cookie!IMG_20150807_172940 IMG_20150807_173317 IMG_20150807_173339

The box came with two packs, two different flavors. Strawberry and original. Both little packets come with two cookies (I actually thought they were broken!) and they’re actually really tasty!

The strawberry one had a nice strawberry taste to it, but I feel like it could have been a bit stronger. The original one had a lemon scent to it, but then it tasted just like sweet cream. I do think they were tasty cookies, but they could’ve either been bigger or had a couple more packs in there.

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