Snacks to Review

Including my love for anime, manga, and the Japanese language, I have a big love for Japanese snacks as well. Rice crackers and sweets happen to be my favorite, and, as I continue to buy and try different ones, I plan to review as well.

I get my Japanese snacks from Amazon and my local Asian market. Prices vary, as always, but the snacks that I buy are usually under $5 a package.

I also plan to review a few American snacks and sweets as well, as I buy them too and as long as I don’t eat them right when I get home (so hard to resist ^^; ).

Current list of snacks to review:
White Chocolate Kit-Kat
Hershey’s Heath Bar
Lindt Hello My Name Is… chocolate bars
Target Christmas chocolate barks
Lotte Kancho cookie snacks
Senjaku 3-flavor Ramune hard candy
Lotte Pepero biscuit sticks
Hapi rice cracker mixes
JFC Nori Maki
Lotte Mixed Soda hard candy
Lion “Noisy” 8-flavor Soda hard candy
Various Hi-Chew falvors
Various types of potato chips
Rice noodle soups
Rice noodle bowls
And any other food I can find that seems interesting

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