December 2017 Japan Crate

Time for another Japan Crate review!! I ordered this bow around Thanksgiving, because of a reason I’ll explain later, and finally got it this past Friday! The box is SO CUTE and I’m not just saying that because green is my favorite color. πŸ˜‰ I like the design on this month’s box, it’s very festive!

So pretty, and look at those snacks!! The pamphlet is very small this month, but that’s ok! it still has everything we’re used to in it, it’s just skinny and one sheet! So, let’s go ahead and get started with the snacks in this box!


For the first few items I pulled out of the box, starting from the left, we’ve got the Christmas Shimichoco Corn! These are corn puff stars with chocolate and omg, I LOVE these things! Japan Crate has given us a bag before and I loved them then, and still love them now. They’re crispy with a great amount of chocolate and just taste great!

The second snack is the Sour Cream and Onion Scones. And no, these aren’t the scones you’re thinking of. They’re more like Cheetos! They tasted pretty good, there was a definite slight sour cream and onion flavor, but obviously it wasn’t as strong as the kind you’d get from say, Pringles. They were really good though! I ate the bag in two days because they were super good lol.

The third item is the DIY kit for this month, and it’s the Minions Furifuri Shake! This looks like a fun little kit to make quickly! It just uses the powder that’s included, milk, and an ice cube! It’s shaken up for 30 seconds and then you have a banana “shake” to drink! I can’t wait to try it!


The next set of snacks taken from the box begins with the Christmas Fugashi. This is a sugar covered wheat puff, and I believe they’ve sent this before as well, and it was a pretty good!

The next two items are both Umaibo snacks! There’s the Christmas Umaibo, which is chocolate, and the Christmas Corn Potage Umaibo, which was a sweet corn flavor. I’ve really loved getting the Umaibo snacks and these are really good.

Third is the Constellation Chocolate, which is a little biscuit covered in chocolate. Each cookie has an imprint of a Zodiac figure on it, and mine has Taurus! It was a really good cookie and the chocolate was delicious as well~

Last for this picture is the Christmas Fueramune. It’s one of the whistle candies and it came in a raumne flavor! Very good for whistling and eating! πŸ˜‰


This set of snacks starts with the Christmas Black Thunder bar in mini sizes! There were two of these in the box, and omg, I regret never having had a Black Thunder bar before!! These are so good and chocolatey, and the cookie inside added a nice crunch!

Next is the Christmas Chocolate Daifuku! I’ve had this before in different packaging, and while the description in the pamphlet implies this is supposed to be like mochi, it was really just a marshmallow with a bit of chocolate in the middle, but it was still good!

Third is the Tasty Ice Cream Mini Bake Kit Kat bars! Two mini packs, and these taste just like vanilla ice cream! I didn’t try the baking part for the first pack, but maybe I will for the second one!

The next snack is the Butter Cream Roll Cake! This looks like it’s going to be a vanilla cake with butter cream in the middle! I’ve had a strawberry one of these before and it was good, now I get to try a new flavor!

Finally in this set, is the Awadama Red, a dagashi hard candy! This is supposed to be an apple flavored candy, the pamphlet says it it’ll have a “fizzy” taste, so I wonder if this will fizz when I eat it!


This is the last picture of snacks, and it includes our drink for this month!

First is the Tohato Christmas Caramel Corn! I love this stuff so much, the texture is so nice and the flavor is great! It’s not like Western caramel corn at all, but it’s still so good and I love how it tastes!

The drink is Cassis and Orange Orangina! The cassis is black current flavor mixed with the orange flavor, and that honestly sounds super good to me. I can’t wait to give this a taste and see how it is!

Finally, this is the reason for my ordering this crate! For Black Friday, Japan Crate had an offer where if you signed up for a subscription, you would get $5 off your crate and a PokeBall bonus item with a little Pokemon figure in it, based on one of 10 Pokemon from the latest movie (Pikachu is feature twice, counted as two different figures)! I got an Ultra Ball and a tiny little Piplup figure!! I didn’t expect the piece of candy to be in the ball, but that’s cool too! The Piplup is too small, I hope I don’t lost it, and the Ultra Ball is a great display piece itself!


So that’s it for the December Japan Crate! All in all, this was a great crate for the end of the year! Lots of good snacks, new and old, and it all tastes great (from what I’ve eaten so far lol)!

Hopefully, if my monetary situation is looking good after buying textbooks for the spring, I’ll be able to hold onto my Japan Crate subscription for a bit, and continue reviewing it along with having tasty snacks! So stay tuned, and we’ll see what happens! πŸ™‚

November 2017 JapanCrate

Back once again with a JapanCrate!! This crate actually arrived at my house the same day that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon had released, so, I’ve slowly been playing through Ultra Moon for the last few days while enjoying some tasty snacks!

So let’s go ahead and get started with this months crate, which is full of fall flavors like sweet potato!


OK, I wanted to start with this one because this is several of the snacks that were in the box all small pieces. Starting from the left, we have the Sumomo Ball, which is a gummy half of a baseball, strawberry flavored. It was ok, I’m not a bit fan of the Japanese gummies that come in plastic the way this one did. Usually they have a plastic taste to them

Next is the Marshmallow Pudding, and this was actually good! The center had a bit of Japanese custard in it and the marshmallow itself was very soft!

Third we have the Okusuriya-san Capsule Ramune. These are based on retro Japanese medicine packets, but the candy inside is a fruit flavor, though, I’m not 100% sure what the flavor of mine was, it was good!

Fourth, the Party Gummy which is one of four styles that is designed to look like a baseball park concession stand food. It was ok, just a normal gummy.

Finally for this picture, is the Rilakkuma Gum! This gum has a ramune soda taste and it’s really good!


This snack is the Kagikko Chocolate Key. It’s just simply chocolate that pops out of the package! Its just like American M&Ms and they tasted really good!


Here we have the Sono Manma Cola Gum. While I don’t like the flavor of Cola gummies from Japan, I do like their cola flavored gum! This one was delicious, but there is a catch! One out of the three pieces of gum has a super sour powder in it! I got that the second time I pulled out the package and it was SO SOUR.


This is the Mike Popcorn Brown Sugar Caramel! The August crate also had a bag of this brand of popcorn, and another crate before that one did as well. This is a sweet one and it’s pretty good! Reminds me of caramel corn just without being overly sticky!


This is the DIY kit of this crate, the Magic Foam Jelly kit. I did make this one, and I think I may have added a little too much water, because it DID NOT TASTE GOOD. It was gross ugh. Would not try again.


Here we have the Rapoppo Farm Sweet Potato Candy. These are hard candies with a chewy center and are supposed to mimic the flavor of sweet potatoes. The outside shell is buttery and the inside chewy candy helps bring in the sweet potato flavor!


This one is the Sweet Poteko: Honey Sweet Potato Flavor. It’s a ring shaped snack that tastes just like sweet potato fries!! It’s super good and I really love it!


The drink for this month is the Pokemon Grape Sparkling! It’s basically just grape soda with Pikachu on the front! Super cute!


This is whistle candy, Fue Ramune: Pineapple Flavor! It’s good candy and makes a great whistling sound!


This is the bonus item of the month, and the pamphlet just calls it Taberundesu-hi! It’s a little camera where, when you set it up right, you can push the top to open the front shutter and it will dispense a hard candy! The candy is really tasty and the item itself is cute!


Finally, we have the Harvest Sweet Potato Biscuits. In last year’s December crate, they gave a package of these that were matcha flavor and I loved them, and these are super good too! They taste like sweet potato and have a bit of sugar on the top, and they are just so good!


So there’s the November JapanCrate! The only issue I have is the amount of single, tiny pieces of candy they gave. It seemed a little, I don’t know…cheap to give those? The ice cream gummy I can get over there, and while the others are more Japan exclusive, they weren’t that amazing to me. Might just be my personal preference,Β  but oh well!

See you for next month’s crate!

July 2017 Umai Crate

Well here it is! This is, for sure, my last subscription box for a while, because I just bought a new phone and need to pay it off, and have other things I need to pay for.

But, this crate looks like it’s going to be a really good one!

This one has a couple of seafood flavored ramen! I love seafood and I’m sure these are going to be great to taste!

20170708_114310 (1)

This first one is Itomen – Champon Noodles. The booklet describes this as a tasty bag of noodles that comes with a little packet of dried shrimp and shitake mushrooms, yum! I think when I have this, I’ll add a soft boiled egg and maybe some green onions!

20170708_114322 (1)

This second package is the Itomen – Premium Yakisoba! I love yakisoba noodles, and this one is described as having a fruity scent with a soy glaze! I may follow the suggestion for this packet and add some sauteed cabbage and onion!


This one is the Fujiwara – Chikara Crab Ramen! Yay for crab ramen! I do think this one will be delicious, because I love crab and it already looks good from the package!


This noodle cup is the Yamadai – T’s Restaurant Tantanmen! These noodles were made out of a collaboration with T’s Restaurant, which is apparently a vegan based restaurant! These look good and I almost ate them immediately when I read what they were, just because they look good!


This second cup is the Yamadai – Tamarisato Amume Shomosomen! It’s a mini cup and the broth is flavored with two different kinds of kelp, plum, and has mini faux plum flowers in it! I really hope this is good!


This third cup is the Yamamoto – Umakaro Chinese Noodles – Miso! Yes more miso!! I absolutely love miso soup and flavors! These are a vegetarian friendly option and this looks really good. I’m super excited for more miso!


Finally, this is the Yamamoto – Small Shrimp Teniri Soba! More soba and this one has shrimp!! Shrimp ramen can be a hit or miss for me, but this one looks like it’s going to be great!


Our bonus item this month is Ms. Hen Spoon Cup! This little rubber chicken will sit on the edge of your bowl and hold your spoon for you, so you don’t have to try and balance it across the top or set it on the table!

All in all, even though I didn’t plan to get this box, I think it’s a really good one! I like having cup ramen as a simple, fast lunch some days, and the packet ramen is great to have on hand as well! (Shows how much of a college student I am lol.)

I’m really happy with this crate, and I can’t wait to eat all of these!





January 2017 JapanCrate


Check it out, guys, we got another JapanCrate!! πŸ™‚ This is my last one for now, as I’m a bit tight on play money right now. I do have one more item from them on the way, and it’s the Christmas stocking that was a special item with a code they were giving out in December. I found out the other day that the stockings are shipped separately from the main box, so, we’re waiting for that now. πŸ™‚

This month’s theme is Indulgence, and oh boy, I’m SUPER excited for this box!! (and yes, my box is rather beat up lol. I’m also sick while writing this so I haven’t tried a single thing in the box yet.)

Doesn’t this pamphlet look lovely?? You can see just a couple of the snacks in the box, as many of these are small, single serve snacks, which I don’t mind! I’m usually the only one in my family that eats these snacks, so, I’m not concerned about having to share them haha!

I’m going to do all of these in order based on the pamphlet, and when I review each of the snacks individually, I will do them either in this order, or starting from the last snack to the first one in the pamphlet.


The first snack in this box is the Kajiriccho Grape & Soda Soft Candy. The booklet describes this as being a taffy-like candy that has a grape flavored outside and a soda flavored center. This looks delicious, and I’m excited to try out a candy like this!


Our next snacks is the Double Ice Cream Lollipop Chocolate & Vanilla. Basically, it’s a lollipop with the flavors of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Yummy!! Β This is their featured candy in the pamphlet, and they made the suggestion of placing the lollipop in the fridge and trying it cold, saying it should be like real ice cream without the mess. I may have to try it like that!


This snack is a Fruit Donut treat. Apparently they come in different flavors, and mine is a green gummy ring. I wonder what the flavor will be!


Last month they gave us the Umai Vegetable Salad flavor rings, and this month we have the Umai Ring Mentai flavor! This is the other featured snack in the booklet, and it describes the flavor as being marinated roe of pollack and cod, and this is the most popular flavor in Japan! I’m a bit excited and worried to try to this, so, I really hope it tastes delicious!


The fifth snack in this crate is the Umaibo Chocolate. I have only had one Umaibo stick before, and I can’t remember what the flavor was, but I really enjoyed it. This one has chocolate! I’m sure I’m going to love it, lol!


I didn’t expect to get a bag of chocolate chip cookies in a JapanCrate lol. These just called Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are bite-sized chocolate chip cookies, which makes me laugh since I just got a bag of mini chocolate chip cookies from NatureBox, haha.


Here we have the Suppai Lemon Gum! This is supposed to be super sour gum, which makes me laugh because we just got sour lemon gum last month too! I can’t wait to give this a try, as I love sour gum!


I want to first say that I love matcha so much, it’s my new favorite drink at Starbucks. And these look so delicious! These are simply Matcha Sandwich Cookies, but they look so great. It’s a nice sized box too, so, maybe they’ll last me a little while!


This is the only snack in this box that really has me concerned. This is the Chocola Gummy. It’s a cola flavored gummy with a chocolate coating. I HATE cola flavored candy, and this have a chocolate coating just makes me feel sicks… but, I will give it a taste for the blog, I just may have to hand it over to someone else if I hate it.


This is the Magic Slime DIY kit, the kit we were supposed to get last month but didn’t because of seller shortage. I’m not sure what I think of this DIY kit, but I will document my experience with it and see how it tastes!


These are the ABC Message Cookies. It looks like they’re plain cookies in the shape of alphabet letters! I can’t wait to try these, and we’ll see if I can spell anything with them, lol!


Here is the One Stick Chocolate Pie. I’ve seen this online before, and always thought it looked delicious, and now I get to try it!! It’s a one piece snack that supposed to be just like a chocolate pie without all the baking! It looks so good, I’m excited to taste it!


Here we have the Meigum Gaburichu: Strawberry Yogurt flavor. It looks like this a stick of gum in the flavor of strawberry yogurt. I’m very interested to see how this tastes! It feels like it’s a pretty good sized piece of gum, so I should be able to cut it into a couple of pieces and try it out that way!


A cute little pack of gummies! This is called Animal Land Gummy, and it looks like these are grape flavored, just by the packaging! I’m so glad they aren’t cola flavored like the dinosaur ones this past summer were, lol!


Here’s the drink for this month! This is called Bodyguard Plus, and unfortunately, I can’t tell you what the flavor is. It looks like there was a misprint in the booklet and it says the exact same thing on this item and the bonus item for product description. :/ But I’ll try it and see if I can identify the flavor!


And the final item is a bonus item. This was included as a mystery candy because of the delays last month from all the holiday shipments. It looks like a random mystery candy was included in every box that went out, and I ended up getting the Zombie Maker Gum. This has stickers and a background to place them on, and includes a piece of gum with it. It kind of creeps me out, but I’m sure the gum will taste great.


And there we are, the January 2017 JapanCrate! It’s a great start to the year, even though I won’t be getting next months box. I’m really happy with this box, and I can’t wait to dive in and try everything!

As soon as the bonus gift stocking gets here, I’ll do a review of the items that are in it as well!

YumeTwins July 2016 Box

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

I’ve been following and watching DokiDoki Crate on Twitter for a while now, and I always wanted to try it but it was just too much to pay for me. So, when YumeTwins, from TokyoTreat, released and offered a 40% off coupon code, how could I refuse? When I learned that their July box would be Sanrio themed, meaning Hello Kitty for sure, I got so excited! I love Hello Kitty! Even at almost 23 I absolutely adore the little white kitten!

YumeTwins is a subscription box of kawaii/cute themed items, every one of them authentic Japanese merchandise, as the company is based in Japan and each item comes straight from the beautiful country.

I was really excited when I finally got my box about two weeks ago! I asked my mom every day if it showed up at the house, and it finally did on the 22nd! I love the pastel purple color of the box, and the items inside did not disappoint!

20160723_172145 20160723_172155 20160723_172201 20160723_172213

Of course, the box starts off with the pamphlet that tells you about each item, and even has a little bit of information about Harajulu culture in this one, as that’s the sub theme for this box and the theme of their contest that was running as well.


The first item I pulled from my box was this ADORABLE Helloy Kitty nametag keychain! This is just like the one you would find at a gas station in the US where they would have various keychains with names on them (i only have two with my name spelled correctly lol). My little Hello Kitty has the name “Yuuka-chan” on it, and I think she’s so adorable. She’s very soft and plush, and the apple with the name on it is a hard plastic sewn to her hands.

The other option for this keychain would have been of MyMelody, and would have featured a unique Japanese name as well.


The next item on top was the Shinada Baby Poodle plushie. I haven’t heard of these plushies before, but it seems they’re pretty popular, which leads me to believe it’s hard to find legitimate plushes of these guys in the US and other countries (without importing). If you got this box, you had a chance at getting either black, white, or pink for these poodles, and I ended up with the pink one (no complaints because I love pink). She’s super soft and squishy, and she sits on my desk next to my laptop now.


Next is the Hello Kitty Randoseru Charm. This little charm is shaped like a backpack, and it comes in a bendable plastic. It can be used to store coins or small items, then hang of your backpack or purse so it’s close by if you need whatever is in it. There were two styles you could have received, and this is the one that I ended up getting. I think it’s super cute, but the top doesn’t close very well, so, for now it’s hanging off a tack on my wall.


The next two items were the Harajuku Kawaii Bracelet and Princess Tiara. I’m not very impressed this these two items, as they look like things I could buy at Dollar Tree pretty easily. They are cute and the packaging on the tiara is nice, but the bracelet is a bit small for me and I don’t wear hair pieces. These two items will probably sit on my desk, and one day in storage until I have a daughter who can play with and appreciate them.


This item is way too cool! This is the My Melody Memo Pad. This pad isn’t made of paper. It’s made of a kind of rubbery material. A YouTuber I follow likened it to the texture of an eraser. This pad is amazing in that you can write on it with a pen, then use the little pink heart piece and it will erase what you’ve written! Be careful with the pen you use though!! The eraser may not erase everything!

This item came in a My Melody and Hello Kitty style. You would get one at random.


Next to last item! These are the My Melody socks! These are SO CUTE. I was originally hoping for Hello Kitty, because I don’t know much about My Melody, but I am so in love with these socks! They are so comfy and cute! I can’t bring myself to wear them out of my house yet!

For this item, you could have received one of six designs, with the characters of My Melody, Hello Kitty, or Twin Stars.


The final item in this box was this Hello Kitty pouch! This is a drawstring pouch that hold various items, and it’s super cute and well made! If I were to use this in my day to day life, I’d use it was a make up bag and carry my make up to work and class in it!

This item came in one of four styles, two Hello Kitty and two My Melody.


So there we are! My first, and for now only, YumeTwins box! I’m very happy with everything that was in it, mine the tiara and bracelet. I really love the fact that we got two plushies in the box, and the amount of Hello Kitty I received! I highly recommend you try out this box some time!

August Skoshbox — More Japanese treats!!!

All right, by now, you guys should know I love Japan and I love subscription boxes.

Because of moving and work, I’ll have to change addresses on all my subscriptions, and that’s going to leave me without any for a while. But, even though this is the last box for a while, I do plan to continue and restart anime and manga reviews!

Today, though, let’s focus on this Skoshbox! Skoshbox is like JapanCrate, but you get more for your $12 a month, in my opinion. And, if you like, you can upgrade to a bigger box they call the Dekabox, and then you can add a bonus item for $2 a month to that.

Personally, I purchased the normal Skoshbox, as that is what I could afford and I’m not disappointed with this!

The box is red and white, and promotes their collaboration with Glico for this month. Glico is the company that makes Pocky and Pretz, and other treats and snacks. This collaboration made for a great Skoshbox, and the items inside are awesome so far! (Watch for the bonus photo of my laptop at the end of this post!!)

IMG_20150803_191215 IMG_20150803_191224 IMG_20150803_191245 IMG_20150803_191250 IMG_20150803_191256

(Ignore the weird red tint to the photos. I’m not sure if my phone picked up too much of the rest from the items or if it’s because of my pink wallet case.)

So, yeah. The box is a nice red, kind of like the JapanCrate and LoveWithFood boxes. It’s nice, and I so wish they hadn’t put the shipping sticker on the top! It ended up tearing some of the pretty box off. 😦 (I took it off to protect my identity.) But, either way, It’s a nice box. The box came with a pamphlet that shows off each item, and it also came with a sheet of removable Pocky based stickers! Really cute! I love them the truck!!


Apart from the bonus stickers, there are six snacks in here. One of them is in two pieces, so, I would personally count that as two snacks, haha. The snacks are neatly packed into the box, and yes, if you know me with these kinds of boxes, each snack will be reviewed, one a day, until they’re all gone.


The first one I took out of my box was the mini bag of the Cream Collon cookies. I’ve seen these in DIY candy videos on YouTube, and always wanted to try them, but could never find them at my local Asian market, which was frustrating because these looked so tasty! I’m so glad they put these in the box! I’ll finally get to try them!

IMG_20150803_191327 IMG_20150803_191331

The next two were these Bisco Cream Sandwich cookies. One is original flavor, and the other is strawberry flavored. These look really tasty. I can’t wait!


The third item is the Caplicocot Chocolate. This one is a whipped strawberry chocolate, and it looks really interesting! I like strawberry flavored chocolate, and I can’t wait to try this!


Fourth, the Thai Tom Yum soup Pretz! I’ve never had Thai Tom Yum soup, so, I hope these are tasty! The box sure makes them look good~!



Fifth is the Sweet Corn Pretz! I gotta admit that corn is a favorite of mine for vegetables (even though I believe it’s technically a fruit according to biology), and I love to eat it! I also really love creamed corn, so I hope this is good!



And the final item is a small pack of strawberry Pocky! Sadly, mine was melted together because of how horrendously hot this summer has been, but it’ll be ok. I love strawberry Pocky either way!


So, that’s everything! I really like this subscription box, and if I had the money, I’d do it every month, and maybe upgrade to the Dekabox. Hopefully I’ll have another one of these in the near future!


Bonus photo:

I decided to the use the cute little truck sticker on my laptop! It look so cute with my Sasuke Uchiha and Oklahoma State University stickers!



July JapanCrate — A Crate of Japanese Snacks!!

Today, we have the one and only JapanCrate I will be getting (at the moment, things may change). This box is a monthly subscription service, and you can choose between three sizes: Mini with 4 – 6 snacks; Original with 8 – 10 snacks and a DIY candy kit; and Premium with 10 – 12 snacks, a drink, and a DIY candy kit.

I could not afford nor justify the Premium crate for myself, so I purchased the Mini crate. It’s a cute little box and this month it came with four snacks and the guide booklet. Each of the snacks will be reviewed every day this week, one a day, starting tomorrow. (I will be trying to get Hetalia or Assassination Classroom episode reviews up as well).

So, let’s get started~!

WP_20150711_004 WP_20150711_005 WP_20150711_006

So that’s what the box looks like. One top of everything was the little guidebook, which includes a two page manga about the box and everything, and has descriptions of the snacks. All four snacks were stacked together nicely, and look very interesting.


The first snack I took out of the box was the Potekoro Cubes. The guide booklet says it’s a “savory bite-sized cube” in a black pepper flavor. I can’t wait to try this; I wasn’t really expecting anything savory in the box!


The second snack is Chameleon Candy. The candy changes colors, and if you get the red candy, the chameleon grants you good luck!!


Third snack is Chu Grape Jelly. It’s grape jelly in a tube. You have to twist it open to eat it, and I really hope this tastes good…


Finally, this is the Maken Gummy. The gummy comes in either cola or grape, and in one of three shapes so you can play rock paper scissors with someone. I got the grape flavor, and it looks like I got paper as well.


And that is everything that came in this month’s Mini JapanCrate. I’m looking forward to trying all of these, and I’m so glad these are all candies I’ve never had before. It’s something new to try out!

(Keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed for early August! We may or may not have a new subscription box to try out~!)

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