Upcoming Plans

Well hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here, huh? Well, that’s my fault, entirely, because I’ve been spending my free time doing other things, instead of working on this blog, sadly.

But, once this week, finals week, is over, I’ll have about three weeks of nothing but work before my summer classes begin. I’ll only be working mornings until June, so when I get home each day through May, I’ll for sure be working on getting posts prepared and put together! 🙂

So, let me give an idea of what I’m planning to do.

I’m definitely planning to go back to my manga reviews. I want to go back and forth between all the series I own and have been reading, especially so I can finish them (I’ve read Naruto twice already, and I want to finish Assassination Classroom and Ouran High School Host Club) and do other things than JUST manga reviews, because I feel like I do that more than most things (apart from a few subscription boxes).

I do have a bunch of anime I want to review as well, but I may start doing that as a COMPLETE series/season, instead of one episode at a time. That takes a lot of time to prepare, and I don’t have enough space on here to pictures for every single anime episode that I want to review. So, my plan for this? I’m going attempt to watch several anime series over the summer(mostly short ones and I HAVE to finish Naruto Shippuden, especially since Boruto started and I’m enjoying watching it weekly), and then I will do overall reviews (if I own the whole series, I’ll show pictures of the box sets or single DVD [like for movies]). I think this will definitely work better than doing one episode at a time. (I changed my mom about doing anime reviews on Blogger. I’ll be continuing, finishing, and starting reviews here again.)

I do plan to start bringing coloring pages back to this blog, but moving cross stitching to my Blogger account (go here if you’d like to follow). I think that will be a lot easier for me, and I won’t need to worry about purchasing a plan on here for more space (not right now, anyway!) Product reviews, such as Amazon orders and the like, will be on Blogger as well. I have an Amazon order with several items on the way right now, and I will post that to BOTH blogs, with a link to Blogger again.

I’m not going to have a May Umai Crate. I received an email from JapanCrate, however, that they had applied a $5 credit to my account for a Premium JapanCrate, which made it the same price as an Umai Crate, and I was really wanting a crate of snacks instead of more ramen (i still have SEVERAL from my March crate). So once that gets here, I’ll be giving an overview of the whole crate, and hopefully making posts for each snack.

So, yeah. That’s the plan at the moment. I did have Hot Cash with Hot Topic, but I don’t think I’m going to do a post on it, sorry. I’ll have a post later this week or sometime next week about a couple of anime orders I made and a NatureBox order, so, please look forward to that!

I’m excited to be coming back to reviews! 🙂


So…been a little while…

Well, hi there. Been a little while since I posted something, hasn’t it? I got caught up in enjoying my Christmas break, then got distracted wanting to do everything that I could before I started classes back this past Monday, and now, I’m so busy I barely have to time to even watch ONE YouTube video from my favorite content creator.

I’m not making excuses, I’m absolutely upset with myself for not getting posts set up got you guys. I intended to review all the snacks that came in the December JapanCrate. I didn’t. I had intended to read manga over my break, write up reviews, and get them scheduled. I didn’t do that either. Let’s not even talk about how watching anime went.

I don’t like leaving this blog sitting, with nothing going up. I hate that so much. I’m not making any money off this blog, which, honestly, is perfectly fine. I started this just for fun in December 2014, right when Assassination Classroom vol. 1 was released in the US. I preordered the book because I loved what I had seen. I wanted to read and review it on here. I wanted to taste test different snacks from anywhere and review them too. The past two years have been insanely busy. I graduated from a junior college, my family moved, I started at a four-year university, changed my major three times, and I got a job, currently working about 21 hours a week on campus. I’m busy as heck, especially for this first eight weeks of the semester.

My family moved houses in 2015, and we just sold our old house at the beginning of this month. It’s finally out of our hands, we don’t have to go out there and spend Saturdays working on it, which is great. I was so busy last semester with work, classes, helping at the hold house, that my grades suffered. I still passed all my classes, but my GPA dropped a bit. I want to pass all of my classes with better grades this semester.

I was looking at past pictures I’ve uploaded on here, and I miss putting up posts of what I’m having for lunch each day, like my old Bento posts. I’m trying to eat healthy this year, and my plan is to make a meal plan for each week, so I know exactly what I’m eating when I’m on campus. I want to do the posts again where I detail what I’m eating, maybe even count the total calories and include that, I don’t know yet.

But, I really want to get back into updating this as regularly as I can. It won’t be an every day of the week thing, I can’t handle that right now, that might happen over the summer, I don’t know. I want to do random posts too, like fast little things at weird times. I’m shiny hunting in Pokemon Moon right now, and I’m loving it so much, I already have three shiny Pokemon. I want to post about those when I get them, because I flip out so much, it’s so fun. And I want to just give overviews of video games I play and beat.

I might not post all the time, but I plan to return to posting more often, even if it’s sporadic and random.

I’m sorry for the last year being so scarce on posts, but I’m coming back, I promise. 🙂

Pokemon Sun and Moon


I apologize for this month not working out, but I have been very busy and just finished a weekend seminar for a leadership group I’m in. I wish I could have gotten all the coloring pages done, but man, classes and homework just hit me in the face.

But, apart from that, Pokemon Sun and Moon have officially been released in the US and several other countries (I’m sorry for you Europe. :[), and I picked up my copies yesterday afternoon (I bought the Rowlet plush on my birthday, review next month!)

So, I wanted to ask: Would you all like to see formal review in December once I complete both games? (One will be a personal playthrough, and the other will be used for competitive battles when I’m in streams on Twitch) I fully intend to finish, at least, Moon this week during my Thanksgiving break, and to work on Sun for battles.

I’d love to give you all a full, complete review, WITH NO SPOILERS. I have avoided all story line spoilers that I could (stupid youtube didn’t take down vids from illegal copies, and i ended up with a few small snippets on my home feed :/), so, I know barely anything apart from what the Pokemon Company has shown us in videos.

I’m excited to start my seventh Pokemon Generation journey to the Alola region, obviously starting for the first time with Rowlet, the cute little grass owl. 😉

So please let me know, and I’ll try to get a nice review put together once I complete my classes for this semester. 🙂

October through December Posting Plan

Hello dear readers! Apologies for posts being short and, to me, a bit odd this month, but things are going to change, as I am working on planning out my days better to have time to do everything that I need to! Please note that the final week of September will have only two posts, an Artful Tuesday and Tasty Thursday post, as I have big plans for next month through December, and must prepare.

As for October, I plan to have, only on Saturdays and Sundays, blind box and bag openings at last! I have opened enough and gotten the pictures to where I can do eight posts on them, and I want to make that happen in October! Perhaps by November I’ll have gotten more and will be able to do so again! If I do, I’d like to do it in December as well.

I am, definitely, bringing back Manga Mondays next month! October 3rd will see the return of this weekly series, starting with Naruto volume 8, and continuing from there. I would love to be able to go back and forth between Naruto and the many other, much shorter, series I have and read. I’m going to try that, to see if I can get myself reading more again and posting more than just Naruto and Assassination Classroom reviews.

I also want to do a couple of actual novel reviews, probably on Sundays, starting in November. I have several novels and series I’m trying to get through, but I may just focus on various Japanese light novels (Naruto, The Devil is a Part Timer, No Game No Life, etc.)

Minecraft Mondays will be taking a small break, because of this. I simply do not have the time at the moment to sit for hours on end building in Creative mode, but I would like to start setting time aside on Sundays to work on different projects in Minecraft and begin posting them again as well. I anticipate a November return of Minecraft Mondays.

As for anime, I fully intend to bring that back as well, but I am not sure when. I want to finish the first season of Assassination Classroom and get the reviews for those episodes done, then move to the second season and watch some other series. I believe I will begin setting time aside at night to watch one episode from several series I’ve been DYING to try, and then I will write and post a review for Watchful Wednesdays again, because I really want to bring that back. I plan to begin Watchful Wednesdays again in mid to late November, probably around Thanksgiving.

Coloring pages are going to return as well, probably in November and be posted only on Fridays or Saturdays. It takes me a while sometimes to get through a coloring page, but I want to start working on them slowly but surely. I want to get a lot done in advance so I don’t have to rush through and end up hating a page I’ve colored. I plan to begin posting coloring pages again on November 4, which also happens to be my birthday.

Tasty Thursdays is going to stay, it just may not be weekly once again. Currently I’m just buying the same snacks and such over and over again, unless I go somewhere like Sprouts where I want to try new things. Graze has sent me another half off box, and that will be posted on 29th of September, so I’m hoping they’ll send me another half off offer in October and we can keep that as a once a month. NatureBox for September will be up this Thursday, the 22nd, at 12:30 CST. Currently the plan is for that to be the last one, but I may have to purchase a box in October because I found some snacks I really, really love. (If I do purchase a box in October, it will be a 3 snack box, unless someone uses my referral link again.)

Puzzling Saturdays will return in December, at my current plan. I like to work on puzzles during school breaks, and December would be the best time for me to do so. Therefore, I will be posting, hopefully, one puzzle weekly in December. I don’t know if Puzzling Saturdays will continue to be weekly after December, but I would like to hope so.

The last thing I want to discuss is product reviews. I’ve been trying for a long time to review some products I purchase and love, but I just haven’t been able to. I made a Hot Topic order last month and meant to review the clothes I purchased, but I never did. I just made another order with them, thanks to Hot Cash, and I fully intend to give a review on the items I purchased this time, all separate because of several reasons. I am absolutely going to pre-order Pokemon Sun and Moon, and, at the very least, review the packaging and designs soon after the games release. As I will be away on campus for 9 hours the day they release, and then another 8-9 the next day, I will be unable to the play the games until the 19th. When I do finally open them, I will be taking pictures and jotting down my thoughts on the packaging, and I plan to do a small review on the games themselves once I’ve completed Moon (I am going to be playing Moon while my sister will be borrowing my 2DS to play Sun.)

I’m honestly beyond excited for the rest of this year. I can’t wait to get the blog going at full force again, and hope to keep up the pace in 2017. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you soon!

A Note Regarding August through December

Hello readers!

I first want to say thank you to everyone that has been keeping with this blog, even when I have failed to update or respond to comments. I’m very busy with work and fall classes are about to begin again, and I haven’t had much time to do all the posts that I want to, and to respond to comments.

Next, I want to give an idea of what I hope will be happening the next few months as fall classes begin and I get even busier with all my classes. I’m an Operations and Supply Chain Management major, and I have to take accounting and math classes, and I’m not very good at math to be honest. I’ll be taking Accounting I and Business Calculus this fall, and I’m very nervous about them because I’m not a fan of math on top of not being very good at it. But I’m going to try my best, and there’s also tutoring on campus, so I should be ok.

Along with that, I’m also working throughout the week, and I’m also a member of a leadership group on campus and will be paired up with a mentor, and go on two over night weekend retreats this fall (one will be exactly a week before Pokemon Sun and Moon are released, and yes, I plan to purchase and review them)!

Because of all this, I don’t know how I’m going to have the time to update the blog, because I’m determined (Undertale ftw) to study my butt off and do well this semester, and I’m trying to go into business calculus with an open mind and not be afraid of it, because I really want to pass and show I can do this without many problems. But, even with all the studying I plan to do, I will be trying to update as often as I can, but there may be times when I can’t, and I apologize in advance for that.

With that, I plan this week to prepare and schedule as many posts as I can. I’m only working two days this week so I should have the time to get as many posts together as I can. We should have at least two up this week, a Graze box and a coloring page, and I might try to get a screenshot or two from my Minecraft Creative world for a post as well. So if you see a Minecraft post after this one, I got the screenshots done.

Manga I hope to have back on here soon, as well as the daily sticker/deco diary (I need to get more stickers lol). I’m also fully intending to begin posting Monday through Friday Bento box lunches that I pack and take to class and work with me. I’ll be on campus every day and I want to be eating healthy and taking a bento with me will help with that, because I won’t be so tempted to go to the food court to buy something.

So that’s what I wanted to say. I hope to have posts throughout the semester, but please understand if I don’t, that it’s because of class and work.

Thank you guys so much for reading and following and I’ll have posts ready soon! 🙂

(And a special thank you to the person that used my NatureBox referral link. I’ll be getting another box thanks to you! :])

All Posts Return June 6

I apologize greatly for the sudden disappearance. I just started working 35 hours a week at my job for the summer, and only have about five and a half to six hours in the evenings to work on posts.

BUT I will be spending this week and next working on getting some posts up here for you all! Coloring pages will no longer be daily, unless I do a bunch of mandalas in all in a row. I want to get more intricate and prettier pages up, and those will be posted mostly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Manga will continue to be on Mondays, and Wednesdays will likely be something brand new, as I don’t have too much time to watch anime right now. However, I will finish up watching and reviewing the first season of Assassination Classroom and move onto the second. I absolutely will do that this summer, so, anime reviews might more to Sundays.

Taste testing on Thursdays might return soon, hopefully. I need to go shopping some more and get more things that I can easily try on here.

So that’s the update. Unless something happens, I fully intend to return in exactly two weeks.

A Little Update

So, last week I had intended to being reviews again, but that didn’t happen because it was finals week. I apologize for that.

Today, I have started working at my part time job for 7 hours a day, five days a week. My only time to work on blog posts will be in the evenings on the weekends, but I fully intend to have reviews for manga, anime, other books, some cross stitchings, and perhaps snacks again starting in June.

I’d like to have those starting again June 6, since that’s the first Monday of the month, and I want to get everything ready and up and prepared to post each day. I will have a lot of free time during the summer at work to read and maybe write blog posts when I have the time too, but I won’t be really be able to do anime or coloring page posts while I work.

I just want to get everything posting consistently again so you guys have some awesome posts to read and I have some great things to review for you all!

So please hang with me, and be prepared for nest month, and this summer, to see a lot of reviews!

An Update — You may have noticed…

As you may have noticed the last two weeks, each post that’s gone up has a had titled day to it, such as Manga Monday and Tasty Thursday.

I decided to dedicate each day of the week to specific topic! I know that Wednesday did not have a post last week, but my plan is to start the weekly topic for that day as well.

The daily topics are as follows:

Manga Mondays
Artful Tuesdays
Watchful Wednesdays
Tasty Thursdays
Fandom Fridays
Puzzling Saturdays

Sunday is going to be my free day where I can plan out my week of posts and just relax on my own or with my family, or catch up on homework for my college classes.

Puzzling Saturdays will be this week and will be about the jigsaw puzzles I am working on completing. I had two of my own and just bought two more from Dollar Tree this week (I highly suggest going to Dollar Tree for puzzles! Cheap, but well made with interesting designs)! So that will be starting this Saturday, January 30th!

Watchful Wednesdays will begin this week, and that will be the day I review anime episodes, so my plan is two different anime that day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Keep an eye on my Instagram as well! I’ll be having photos from my puzzles and other things there through the week!


I swear guys, I’m coming back!!

If you follow my Instagram, I am trying to post things, like drawings, out there!

Today has been tough so far, as we lost a puppy we had adopted back in July to some illness.  I have projects to work on, one of which is due Wednesday, and other things as well, like practicing my Japanese!

So, I fully intend to be back out here soon! I am planning things and hoping to have the whole month of December, perhaps November as well, full of posts!

My birthday is November 4th, so, you can, at the very least, expect a post about what I get! I’ve also gotten my hands on the final Naruto manga, as well as The Last: Naruto the Movie! Reviews for those will come at a much later time. I plan to use my Swagbucks to not only pay for Christmas presents for my family, but to also buy the Naruto books I’m missing, so I don’t have to borrow them from the library (I will mostly be buying 3-in-1 volumes).

So, yes, things are being planned.

I am planning to return to posting soon.

Please be patient and thank you!!!

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